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  1. File:8CmP.jpg (AddInformation)
  2. File:All (grey).png (AddInformation)
  3. File:Baixo rocha.png (AddInformation)
  4. File:Banner of Sal, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  5. File:Bassi Agostino 1773-1856.png (AddInformation)
  6. File:Bernardino Machado.jpg (AddInformation)
  7. File:Boa Vista county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  8. File:Brasil Satellite.jpg (AddInformation)
  9. File:Brava county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  10. File:Cape Verde counties numbered.png (AddInformation)
  11. File:Cape Verde counties numbered big.png (AddInformation)
  12. File:Capitals Sao Nicolau.png (AddInformation)
  13. File:Child nose.jpg (AddInformation)
  14. File:Coat of Arms of Sal, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  15. File:Coat of Arms of Sal, Cape Verde.svg (AddInformation)
  16. File:Coat of Arms of São Vicente.png (AddInformation)
  17. File:East Timor Satellite.jpg (AddInformation)
  18. File:Female Areola closeup.jpg (AddInformation)
  19. File:Flag Sal Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  20. File:Hamar City Hall.jpg (AddInformation)
  21. File:Harvard Mark I.jpg (AddInformation)
  22. File:Harvard Mark I 2.jpg (AddInformation)
  23. File:Harvard Mark I part 2.jpg (AddInformation)
  24. File:Harvard Mark I partial.jpg (AddInformation)
  25. File:Image-Locator map of Maio, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  26. File:Korowai treehouse.JPG (AddInformation)
  27. File:Locator map of Brava, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  28. File:Locator map of Fogo, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  29. File:Locator map of Sal, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  30. File:Locator map of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  31. File:Locator map of Santiago, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  32. File:Locator map of Santo Antão, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  33. File:Locator map of São Nicolau, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  34. File:Locator map of São Vicente, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  35. File:Locator maps of Boa Vista, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  36. File:Macropanesthia rhinoceros 01 Pengo.jpg (AddInformation)
  37. File:Madeira Satellite.png (AddInformation)
  38. File:Maio county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  39. File:Moon symbol lq.ant.png (AddInformation)
  40. File:Mosteiros county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  41. File:Old Coat of arms of Mindelo.jpg (AddInformation)
  42. File:Old coat of arms of Mindelo.svg (AddInformation)
  43. File:PALOP map.png (AddInformation)
  44. File:PRT008.JPG (AddInformation)
  45. File:PRT025.JPG (AddInformation)
  46. File:Paul county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  47. File:Porto Novo county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  48. File:Portuguese Provisional Government, 1910.jpg (AddInformation)
  49. File:Praia county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  50. File:Ribeira Brava county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  51. File:Ribeira Grande county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  52. File:Ribeira Grande de Santiago county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  53. File:Ribeira brava (with cities).png (AddInformation)
  54. File:Ribeira brava (with roads).png (AddInformation)
  55. File:Sal county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  56. File:Sana Luzia draw.jpg (AddInformation)
  57. File:Santa Catarina county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  58. File:Santa Catarina do Fogo county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  59. File:Santa Cruz county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  60. File:Santa Luzia Complete.png (AddInformation)
  61. File:Santa Luzia Mounts.png (AddInformation)
  62. File:Santa Luzia Streams.png (AddInformation)
  63. File:Santa luzia old photo.jpg (AddInformation)
  64. File:Sao Filipe county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  65. File:Sao Nicolau Roads.png (AddInformation)
  66. File:Sao Vicente county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  67. File:Seal of Sal, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  68. File:São Domingos county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  69. File:São Miguel county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  70. File:São Salvador do Mundo county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  71. File:Tarrafal (with cities).png (AddInformation)
  72. File:Tarrafal (with roads).png (AddInformation)
  73. File:Tarrafal SN county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  74. File:Tarrafal county, Cape Verde.png (AddInformation)
  75. File:Teixeira de Sousa.jpg (AddInformation)
  76. File:Vila da Ribeira brava.png (AddInformation)
  77. File:Vila do Tarrafal.png (AddInformation)
  78. File:WLM logo - Waldir 2.svg (AddInformation)
  79. File:WLM logo - Waldir 4.svg (AddInformation)
  80. File:WLM logo - Waldir 4b.svg (AddInformation)
  81. File:WLM logo - Waldir 5a.svg (AddInformation)
  82. File:WLM logo - Waldir 5b.svg (AddInformation)
  83. File:Wikiquote-logo.png (AddInformation)