This page is meant to test your video support (i.e. If its possible to play video on your browser using only Free formats). If at least one of the videos on this page work, that means that videos on commons should work. If it doesn't then it is a bug in Commons video support (aka TimedMediaHandler). There are a lot of different videos on this page (testing different methods of embedding), remember that only a single one of them has to work for us to theoretically support video on your platform, so scroll down to check all of them. .

I tried to disable autoplay on most of these, but that doesn't seem to work on all of them for some browsers. Some of these videos will probably result in a pop-up requesting permission to use a plugin.

Note, this doesn't test more radical ideas for supporting Free formats on platforms where that is difficult, only standard methods which in theory commons already supports.

Browser info

Java on
Java mime available
Ogg plugin
video/ogg plugin
Native webm (VP8/vorbis)
Native webm (VP9/opus; not used on commons)
Native ogg (theora/vorbis)
h264 (aka MP4) [Not used by commons] (Still supported if one thing in list is "no")

Commons video

Native ogg

Native webm

This video is made by Subhashish Panigrahi and licensed under cc-by-sa 3.0. See,_Bangalore.webm for details.

Cortado ogg

object ogg

object webm

We don't use this on commons. If this is the only video that works for you, please let me (User:Bawolff) know.