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offHTML named entities11
low3591HTML list elements12
high23Math tag without correct end13
highSource tag without correct end14
lowUnicode control characters16
low31Category duplication17
offCategory first letter small18
high35Heading starts with one "="19
lowSymbol for dead20
offCategory is english21
offCategory with space22
high6Nowiki tag without correct end23
high4Pre tag without correct end24
middle2144Headline hierarchy25
low152HTML text style element <b> (bold)26
offUnicode syntax27
high224Table without correct end28
high2Gallery tag without correct end29
low56HTML table element31
high5Double pipe in one link32
offHTML text style element <u> (underline)33
high8951Template programming element34
lowRedirect with incorrect syntax36
off109DEFAULTSORT missing for titles with special letters37
low149HTML text style element <i> (italics)38
low123HTML text style element <p>39
low462HTML text style element <font>40
low663HTML text style element <big>41
low7HTML text style element <strike>42
high405Template without correct end43
middle202Heading with bold44
lowInterwiki duplication45
high77Square brackets without correct beginning46
high666Template without correct beginning47
low1183Title linked in text48
high13Heading with HTML49
offen dash or em dash50
low2Interwiki before last headline51
low134Category before last headline52
low8Interwiki before last category53
low231Break in list54
low49HTML text style element <small> (small text) double55
offArrow as ASCII art56
low259Heading ends with a colon57
middle53Heading all CAPS58
lowTemplate value ends with break59
highTemplate parameter with problem60
low26657Reference before punctuation61
high12URL without http://62
low462HTML text style element <small> (small text) in ref, sub or sup63
low29693Link equal to linktext64
low2Image description ends with break65
lowImage description with full <small>66
offReference after punctuation67
low4155Link to other language68
middle6303ISBN with incorrect syntax69
middle336ISBN with wrong length70
middle23ISBN with wrong position of X71
middle597ISBN-10 with wrong checksum72
middle153ISBN-13 with wrong checksum73
high2Link without target74
offIndented list75
middle3Link with encoded space76
offImage description with partial <small>77
middle33Reference list duplication78
high48External link with a line break80
offReference duplication81
offLink to other wikiproject82
middle973Heading start with three "=" and later with level two83
offSection without content84
low741Tags without content85
high57External link with two brackets86
offHTML named entities without semicolon87
low305DEFAULTSORT with a blank space at first position88
offDEFAULTSORT without space after the comma89
offInternal link written as an external link90
low1511Interwiki link written as an external link91
offHeading double92
middle13External link with double http://93
high173Reference tags without correct match94
low8Editors signature or link to User space95
middleTable of Contents after first heading96
middle27TOC has material after it and before the first heading97
high26Subscript tag without correct end98
high69Superscript tag without correct end99
low2071List tag (<ol>, <ul> or <li>) with no correct match.100
low52Ordinal number found inside <sup> tags101
middle8PMID with incorrect syntax102
middle32Pipe magicword inside wikilink103
middle172Unbalanced quotes in ref name104
high15Heading should begin with "="105
middle90ISSN with incorrect syntax106
middle55ISSN with wrong length107
middle12ISSN with wrong checksum108
high116Include tag error109
offFound an include tag110
offRef after last reflist111
low171Bad or deprecated css attribute112
lowLine break or
error in wikilink
high60Articol cu <br/> fals2
high1713Articol cu <ref> dar fără {{reflist}} sau <references />3
middle19Articol cu weblink4
low100DEFAULTSORT cu litere speciale6
low982Lipsă titlu accentuat1
low409Mai multe categorii pe un rând9
high269Paranteze pătrate incorecte10
high1S-a găsit un dar nu și ”.15
high25Sfârșit de comentariu incorect5
middle1454Titlul capitolului începe cu trei "="7
high18Un titlu de capitol ar trebui să se termine cu un "="8

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