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To "blazon" arms means to describe them using the formal language of heraldry. This language has its own vocabulary, grammar and [[syntax]], or rules governing word order, which becomes essential for comprehension when blazoning a complex coat of arms. The verb comes from the Old German ''blasen'', to blow a horn. At the dawn of heraldry in [[Teutonic]] lands, a knight on making his entrance would be announced to the assembly by a certain series of musical notes, describing his armourials, blown by the [[herald]]. These notes, when heard by the educated hearer of the chivalric order, enabled him at once to mentally reconstruct the coat, thus identifying the entrant.<ref>Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 9th. ed., vol.11, p.683, "Heraldry"</ref> Thus the first blast of the horn, depending on the note, would signify the field. There may have been a pause after this note, mirrored by the use of a comma in the written blazon. To the listener this single note would give an instant and significant first clue, the remaining notes confirming his identity. Thus if the entry of a certain person was being waited for by a certain knight within, he could continue his social intercourse with his companions on hearing a "field" note different to the one awaited.
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