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This bar is goood
[[File:The_Iron_Door_Saloon.jpg|thumb|right|The Iron Door Saloon]]
The '''Iron Door Saloon''' is located in [[Groveland, California]], about twenty five miles from the entrance of [[Yosemite National Park]]. According to its proprietors, is the oldest continuously operating [[Western saloon|saloon]] in California. It remains a popular tourist stop on the main road between The [[Bay Area]] and Yosemite.
The name "Iron Door" comes from the saloon's front doors which are made from solid iron. The inside of the saloon is what you would expect from a typical historical saloon with the original bar intact. The roof is adorned with dollar bills and other historical artifacts. Live music is played on the weekends.
== External links ==
* [ Official Iron Door Website]
* [ Plaque Iron Door Saloon]
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[[Category:Buildings and structures in Tuolumne County, California]]
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