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Still alive he attacks again but Karen takes Mike's gun and shoots part of Chucky's body until they presume that he is dead. However, Mike's partner Mario comes and plays with Chucky's head. His arm pops out from the air ventilation, strangles him, and Mike shoots Chucky's heart. Mike then takes the rest of the body parts as evidence.
Still alive he attacks again but Karen takes Mike's gun and shoots part of Chucky's body until they presume that he is dead. However, Mike's partner Mario comes and plays with Chucky's head. His arm pops out from the air ventilation, strangles him, and Mike shoots Chucky's heart. Mike then takes the rest of the body parts as evidence.
=== ''Child's Play 2'' (1990) ===
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In the sequel, set two years after the first film, Andy lives in a shelter, and his mother is under psychiatric observation for supporting Andy's story. Bad publicity about Play Pals Inc. (the company of the Good Guy Doll franchise) is all over the newspapers regarding Chucky. The company has the original doll reconstructed for analysis, and a worker is electrocuted at the completion of that process
A [[Yuppie]]-style couple with no children of their own who have often fostered children, Joanne and Phil Simpson ([[Jenny Agutter]] and [[Gerrit Graham]]), agree to foster Andy until his mother is able to look after him again. Andy meets an older girl, Kyle ([[Christine Elise]]), who is also living with them.
Mattson, a Play Pals executive, takes the rebuilt Chucky doll off the factory grounds, under the orders of Play Pal's president, Mr. Sullivan. While doing so, he goes in to a liquor store for vodka for his girlfriend for their two week dating anniversary. While he is alone Chucky manages to call the crisis center, and learns Andy's whereabouts by pretending to be his "Uncle Charles"; once Mattson returns he forces him to drive him to Andy's new home, then kills him by suffocating him once they've stopped in a parking lot. Breaking into Andy's foster home, Chucky finds another Good Guy doll named "Tommy" and takes its place by destroying and burying it in the yard.
The following day, Phil confronts Kyle and Andy about the broken vase, which Chucky used to wreck Tommy. When both children defend themselves, Phil makes the decision to ground both of them for the crime, believing that one was guilty and may confess as a result. Meanwhile, Kyle and Andy gradually form a relationship with one another seeing as they were both foster children and "homeless" and were without their real parents. Andy finds Chucky, who he believes to be the Good guy doll Tommy, at the stairway and (remembering the clues that lead to the conclusion that Chucky was alive from the first film) checks to see if Chucky has batteries to assure himself that Tommy was just a doll. Andy is relieved to find batteries in Chucky's back that were most likely placed there by Play Pals Inc.,.
That same night, Chucky ties Andy to his bed and tries to possess Andy again, but is interrupted by Kyle who has snuck out to meet a boy and tries to successfully sneak back into Andy's room through a window without their foster parents' knowledge, most likely to check up on Andy or to because she heard Andy's screams and decided to find out the reason for this. Phil and Joanne then come into the room, alerted by the noises in Andy's room. Observing the scene, Phil and Joanne don't believe that Chucky is really alive and blame Kyle for tying Andy up. In order to calm Andy down, Phil throws Chucky into the basement. As Phil exits, Chucky gets up and realizes that he's bleeding, knowing now that he is turning human again and that he was losing time for him to try to possess Andy.
On Andy's first day of his new school, Chucky follows him onto the bus. He finds Andy's school paper and writes profanity ("Fuck you, bitch") on it and was indicatively left for his teacher. The seemingly strict teacher, Miss Kettlewell, gives Andy detention as punishment right after Andy finds out that Chucky was in the classroom and followed him to school when putting a toy in the cupboard Chucky was hiding in. Noticing Andy's attention directed at Chucky, Miss Kettlewell also throws and locks Chucky in the classroom closet. She then leaves the room to call Phil and Joanne about the incident, also locking Andy into the classroom. Andy goes to the closet door, where Chucky proceeds to beat on the door, at first sugar coating Andy to let him out but changes his promises to threats when Andy doesn't comply. Andy escapes the locked room through the classroom window and when Miss Kettlewell returns and discovers Andy's missing, she unlocks the closet door and goes in to find Andy, then Chucky kills her by beating her to death with a ruler stick.
Back at the house, Andy tells Phil and Joanne that Chucky followed him to school. Fed up with and frustrated by Andy's constant beliefs about Chucky, Phil takes Andy to the cellar door to show Chucky lying exactly where he was when he was thrown down there. Andy is shocked and discouraged to find Chucky at the bottom of the stairway to the basement, exactly as he and Phil left him the previous night. That night, Andy takes an electric knife from the kitchen and goes down into the cellar intending to finally confront Chucky himself. Chucky attacks Andy, and kills Phil, who came down to investigate the noise. Joanne is horrified to find her husband dead and believes it is Andy who murdered him. Kyle, who discovers Phil next, does not believe Chucky is the culprit but but does not necessarily think Andy is either.
Andy is taken back to the center after being suspected for [[involuntary manslaughter]]. Kyle later finds Chucky and puts him in a trash bin outside. While spending time outdoors, she finds what appears to be a grave out in the backyard, and discovers the "Tommy" doll after digging it up, and then discovers that Chucky is gone from the trash can bin. Kyle enters the house to warn Joanne of what is truly happening. When upstairs, Kyle finds Joanne dead, and then is attacked by Chucky, who forces her to drive him to the Crisis Center. Kyle attempts to fight and harm Chucky after she causes him to fly out of the car window when she suddenly stops the van after driving so fast to reluctantly follow Chucky's instructions. Under Chucky's threats, Kyle sets off the fire alarm of the Center to get everyone downstairs and out of the building to find Andy. Chucky kills the center's director who accompanies Andy as they descend the stairs and find Kyle and Chucky, then locks Andy and himself in a room with Kyle outside the door.
Chucky and Andy escape the crisis center, then forces Andy as he hangs on to his back by his shirt, into the back of a van, in which Kyle pursues them. After a wild car chase after the van, Kyle manages to get the driver to stop, but Chucky escapes with Andy into the nearby Play Pals factory.
When assured that they were finally alone, Chucky knocks Andy unsconscious and tries to performs his ritual, but the ritual is suddenly halted. Because by then it was too late. Realizing that he is trapped in the doll's body, Chucky is infuriated and changes his purpose to killing Andy in retaliation. Kyle finds Chucky and Andy, and helps Andy escape with Chucky pursuing them. She manages to trap the doll by dropping a gate on his hand. To get out, Chucky tears his own hand off, then replaces it with his knife, and continues chasing them into the manufacturing floor. After chasing them to a conveyor belt where the dolls are constructed, Andy and Kyle staple Chucky to the conveyor platform and he is impaled with doll parts. They escape through the factory thinking they have killed him, but Chucky returns, having cut off his own legs to escape. Ultimately, Andy coats Chucky with molten plastic after Chucky chases him near a vat containing the plastic. Kyle then forces an air hose into his mouth. The resulting air pressure builds up and causes Chucky's head to explode, killing him.
In a televised alternate ending it reveals that half of Chucky's exploded head is in a vat of melted plastic, which in turn creates another doll head (after sinking into the plastic) which smiles.
=== ''Child's Play 3'' (1991) ===
=== ''Child's Play 3'' (1991) ===
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