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'''Lorenzo''' may refer to:
lorenzo should shut his face or i will put austins devil dog in his bed while he is sleeping and lorenzo guess what.. SLAP UR NECK DOE
* [[Lorenzo (name)]], including a list of people with the given name or surname ''Lorenzo''
* [[San Lorenzo, California]], formerly Lorenzo
* [[Lorenzo, Texas]]
* [[Lorenzo State Historic Site]], house in New York State listed on the National Register of Historic Places
* [[Lorenzo (song)]], a 1996 song by Phil Collins
In '''television and film''':
* ''[[Lorenzo (film)]]'', Disney film about a cat
* ''[[Lorenzo's Oil (film)|Lorenzo's Oil]]'', film about a boy suffering from [[Adrenoleukodystrophy|ALD]]
* ''[[Lorenzo's Time]]'', a 2012 Philippine TV Series aired in [[ABS-CBN]]
==See also==
* [[San Lorenzo (disambiguation)]]
* [[Hurricane Lorenzo (disambiguation)]]
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