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{{Infobox single <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Songs -->
Eminem is the best rapper of all time my bros... GAVEN VONER SAYS THIS!!!!!!!!!
| Name = No Love
| Cover = No Love cover.PNG
| Border = yes
| Artist = [[Eminem]] featuring [[Lil Wayne]]
| Album = [[Recovery (Eminem album)|Recovery]]
| Released = {{Start date|2010|10|05}}<br><small>(see [[#Release history|release history]])</small>
| Recorded = 2009/2010<br />54 Sound, Effigy Studios<br /><small>([[Ferndale, Michigan]])</small>
| Format = [[CD single]], [[Music download|digital download]]
| Genre = [[Hip hop music|Hip hop]]
| Length = {{Duration|m=5|s=00}}
| Writer = Marshall Mathers, [[Lil Wayne|Dwayne Carter]], [[Just Blaze|Justin Smith]], Dee Halligan, Junior Torello
| Label = [[Aftermath Entertainment|Aftermath]], [[Shady Records|Shady]], [[Interscope Records|Interscope]]
| Producer = [[Just Blaze]]
| Chronology = [[Eminem]] singles
| Last single = "[[Love the Way You Lie]]"<br />(2010)
| This single = "'''No Love'''"<br />(2010)
| Next single = "[[That's All She Wrote]]"<br />(2011)
| Misc = {{Extra chronology
| Artist = [[Lil Wayne]] singles
| Type = singles
| Last single = "[[Right Above It]]"<br />(2010)
| This single = "'''No Love'''"<br />(2010)
| Next single = "[[Fire Flame]]"<br />(2010)
"'''No Love'''" is a song by American [[rapping|rapper]] [[Eminem]], and was released as the third official single from his seventh studio album, ''[[Recovery (Eminem album)|Recovery]]'' (2010). The song features American rapper [[Lil Wayne]]. It impacted radio on October&nbsp;5,&nbsp;2010. "No Love" was produced by American [[hip hop music|hip hop]] [[record producer]] [[Just Blaze]]. The song [[sampling (music)|samples]] "[[What Is Love (Haddaway song)|What Is Love]]" by [[Haddaway]]. It was very well received for sampling and some considered it to be one of the best songs from ''Recovery''. "No Love" reached number 23 on the [[Billboard Hot 100|''Billboard'' Hot 100]]. It has sold more than a million digital downloads in the United States.
The music video was directed by [[Chris Robinson (director)|Chris Robinson]]. A teaser premiered on Eminem's [[YouTube]] channel on September&nbsp;29,&nbsp;2010. The video premiered September&nbsp;30 and is about a boy who is bullied but eventually defends himself after being motivated by listening to Eminem and Lil Wayne songs. Various hip hop producers make cameo appearances in the video. The song was performed by Eminem and Lil Wayne on an episode of ''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' and at Eminem's and [[Jay-Z]]'s [[The Home & Home Tour]].
== Background ==
"No Love" was written by Eminem, [[Lil Wayne]], and [[Just Blaze]], the latter producing the track. It was recorded by Mike Strange and Ryan West in Effigy Studios in Ferndale, Michigan. The song was mixed by Eminem, Strange, West, and Just Blaze and was engineered by Joe Strange.<ref name="booklet" /> The song [[Sampling (music)|samples]] "[[What Is Love (Haddaway song)|What Is Love]]" by Trinidian-German singer [[Haddaway]] during the chorus.<ref name="booklet2">{{cite album-notes |title= Recovery|albumlink= Recovery (Eminem album)|artist=[[Eminem]] |year=2010 |first=Marshall |last=Mathers |page=6 |pages=13 |format=Digital booklet |publisher=[[Aftermath Entertainment]], [[Interscope Records]] |location=2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California}}</ref> When the song begins, there is a thirty-second intro and the sampled words "no love" echo.<ref name="audio">{{cite web|url=|title=Eminem f. Lil Wayne – "No Love"|work=HipHop DX|date=2010-06-10|accessdate=2011-07-13}}</ref><ref name="whosampled">{{cite web|url=|title=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne's No Love sample of Haddaway's What Is Love|publisher=[[WhoSampled]]|accessdate=2011-07-12}}</ref> On August 28, 2010, ''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]'' reported that "No Love" would be the third single from ''[[Recovery (Eminem album)|Recovery]]''.<ref name="facts">{{cite web|url= |title=No Love by Eminem |publisher=Songfacts |date= |accessdate=2011-08-07}}</ref> The song impacted radio on October&nbsp;5,&nbsp;2010 and was released as the third single from ''Recovery''.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Arbitron Ratings, Music News and more! |publisher=FMQB |date= |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> The full song is almost five minutes long.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Recovery (Deluxe Edition) by Eminem|work=''[[iTunes Store|iTunes]]''|date=2010-06-21|accessdate=2011-07-13}}</ref>
== Development ==
Eminem spoke about how Lil Wayne got to collaborate with him. He stated that the song was Lil Wayne appearing on Eminem's album after Eminem did the song "[[Drop the World]]" that appeared on Lil Wayne's album ''[[Rebirth (Lil Wayne album)|Rebirth]]''.<ref>{{cite web|last=Koroma |first=Salima |url= |title=Eminem says "No Love" is next single | |date=2010-08-30 |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> "I did a song with Wayne called 'Drop the World' for his [''Rebirth''] album, and we had just agreed to do an even swap, so I wanted him on my album."<ref name="facts" /> Just Blaze also spoke about the making of the song. He spoke about using a [[Sampling (music)|sample]] in the song. He wanted to turn the simple elements of the Haddaway song and use them for "something you can actually rock to."<ref name="Blaze">{{cite news|url=|title=Just Blaze Talks Best Baseline Memories & Making Eminem's "No Love"|work=Complex Magazine|publisher=Complex|date=2010-10-04|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> At first, the schedules were not available for recording, but were eventually made. He also proposed to Eminem the use of samples for the chorus:
"I remembered that I had the idea with the Haddaway sample in my computer, so I threw on the headphones, touched it up, and played it for him. At first, he didn't get it hundred percent. I think he wasn't sure what I was going for because it's such a comic sample. But once I broke down the idea to him, another angle: 'I don't need you no more, don't want to see you no more, you get no love.' Then it clicked."<ref name="Blaze" />
When Eminem understood the concept, he was willing to use it, and had recorded vocals two days later. Eminem later had a desire to collaborate with Lil Wayne. Blaze and Eminem flew to Miami and Wayne had apparently wrote and recorded his verse in one night. After returning to New York, they worked more on the [[hook (music)|hook]].<ref name="Blaze" /> The song is about people who have let Eminem and Lil Wayne down in the past.<ref>{{cite web|first=Matthew|last=Wilkening |url= |title=Eminem, 'No Love' Feat. Lil Wayne – New Song |publisher=AOL Radio Blog |date=2010-05-13 |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> The five minute plus length song is distinctive for only having two verses both of unusual lengths: the first is performed by Lil Wayne from 0:29-1:59 followed by a rapid-fire verse by Eminem from 2:42-4:12. The chorus features both rappers.
== Reception ==
=== Critical response ===
Overall, "No Love" was met with positive reception. ''[[NME]]'' published an album review of ''[[Recovery (Eminem album)|Recovery]]'' and gave a positive opinion on the song. Writer Sam Wolfson said, "'No Love' sees Lil Wayne act as [[hype man]] for a whole two and a half minutes before Eminem comes in and drops one of the best verses of his career. It makes Wayne sound like Jedward-era Vanilla Ice."<ref name="NME">{{cite web|url=|first=Sam|last=Wolfson|title=Album Review: Eminem – 'Recovery'|work=[[NME]]|publisher=IPC Media|date=2010-06-28|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> [[BBC Music]] favored the sampling in the song, quoting, "'No Love' brilliantly borrows its Eurodance tempo from Haddaway’s massive 1993 hit 'What Is Love' and welcomes Lil Wayne for a splendidly languorous guest rap."<ref>{{cite web|url=|first=Mike|last=Diver|title=Eminem Recovery Review|publisher=BBC|date=2010-06-21|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> gave a positive review on "No Love", with Kitty Empire quoting that it "pits a pinging Em in a friendly against Lil Wayne."<ref>{{cite web|url=|first=Kitty|last=Empire|title=Eminem: Recovery|publisher=[[]]|date=2010-06-20|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> John Matheessen from [[]] named "No Love" as one of the four best tracks on ''Recovery''.<ref>{{cite web|url=|first=John|last=Matheessen|title=Eminem – Recovery – Review|publisher=[[]]|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> Winston Robbins of music website [[Consequence of Sound]] also favored the use of sampling in the song, and called it one of the best tracks of the album.
"'No Love' (feat. Lil' Wayne) is an instant hip-hop darling, first because this is a collaboration between two of the hottest MCs in the game, and second because it’s a solid piece. It samples Haddaway’s 'What Is Love', more commonly known as the song that Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan loved to bob their heads to on ''SNL'', and seamlessly uses the sample and the chorus to produce an extremely impressive and highly listenable piece."<ref>{{cite web|url=|first=Winston|last=Robbins|title=Album Review: Eminem – ''Recovery''|publisher=[[Consequence of Sound]]|date=2010-06-25|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref>
=== Commercial performance ===
"No Love" debuted on the [[Billboard Hot 100|''Billboard'' Hot 100]] at number 23 on July&nbsp;10,&nbsp;2010 after the release of his album ''[[Recovery (Eminem album)|Recovery]]'' and remained on the charts for 20 weeks.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Hot 100 – Week of July 10, 2010|work=[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref><ref name="US">{{cite web|url=|title=No Love – Eminem|publisher=''[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]''|accessdate=2011-07-07}}</ref> It re-entered the chart at number 89<ref name="billboard1">{{cite web|url= |title=Top 100 Music Hits, Top 100 Music Charts, Top 100 Songs & The Hot 100 |work=[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]] |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> after being released as a single; since then it has moved up to number 29.<ref name="billboard1"/> The song entered the [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs]] chart on November&nbsp;27,&nbsp;2010, peaking at the number 59 position. This was the song's lowest peak position. It lasted eight weeks on the chart.<ref name="US" /> "No Love" peaked at number 42 on the [[Radio Songs (Billboard chart)|Radio Songs]], peaking on December&nbsp;4 and lasting 11 weeks. The song also reached up to number 20 the [[Pop Songs]] chart at the beginning of 2011 and lasting 12 weeks.<ref name="US" /> "No Love" did not reach its peak on the [[European Hot 100]] until November&nbsp;27,&nbsp;2010, when it reached number 36, remaining for eight weeks.<ref name="US" /> The song also charted on the [[Canadian Hot 100]] for 20 weeks, peaking just one spot lower than it did on the ''Billboard'' Hot 100 on November&nbsp;6.<ref name="US" />
"No Love" lasted eight weeks on the [[ARIA Charts]], peaking at number 21. However, one of its highest peak positions on the charts was on the [[ARIA Singles Chart|ARIA Urban Singles Chart]],<ref name="aus">[ No Love] Australian Charts.</ref> reaching at number 7. The same position was reached on the [[UK R&B Chart]] on November 20, 2011, lasting 20 weeks.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Charts Archive|publisher=[[The Official Charts Company]]|date=2010-11-20|accessdate=2011-07-07}}</ref> In Denmark, "No Love" only lasted two weeks but peaked at number 36.<ref name="aus" /> The song, peaking at number 22 in New Zealand, lasted five weeks on the [[Recording Industry Association of New Zealand|RIANZ Chart]].<ref name="aus" /> The track has made [[BBC Radio 1]]'s A-Playlist in the [[United Kingdom]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Radio 1 – Playlist |publisher=BBC |date=2007-02-24 |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> The song has received over a million downloads in the United States alone.<ref>{{cite web|url=;_ylt=AuQykyyQ5WqiTHaqgt.Vkm4PwiUv|first=Paul|last=Grein|title=Week Ending Jan. 16, 2011: Songs: Britney Tops Taylor|publisher=[[Yahoo! Music]]|date=2011-01-16|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref>
== Music video ==
=== Development ===
The music video was directed by American [[music video]] director [[Chris Robinson (director)|Chris Robinson]], who previously directed both Eminem and Lil Wayne in the "[[Drop the World]]" music video.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=No Love by Eminem Songfacts | |date= |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> The video began shooting in June 2010.<ref name="tweet" /> A thirty-second teaser was released on September&nbsp;29,&nbsp;2010, on Eminem's official [[YouTube]] channel. It shows Eminem rapping inside of a [[recording studio]], interlaced with scenes where a child gets [[Bullying|bullied]].<ref name="MTV">{{cite news|url=|first=Paul|last=Cantor|title=Eminem, Lil Wayne Turn Mutual Respect Into 'No Love'|publisher=[[MTV News]]|date=2010-09-30|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> Some of the music video was shot in front of a [[Chroma key|green screen]].<ref name="BTS">{{youtube|enMuWfiGmzU|Making Of No Love – Eminem Feat. Lil Wayne}}</ref> Lil Wayne's part was filmed before he was incarcerated, according to a [[Twitter|tweet]] from Eminem: "We got Wayne's verse filmed before he went away luckily. Gotta shoot the rest of a 'No Love' video real soon. Keep your head up Weezy!"<ref name="tweet">{{twitter|#!/Eminem/status/16050893387|Eminem tweet about "No Love" video shoot}}</ref> The official music video premiered on Thursday, September&nbsp;30 on [[VEVO]] and various [[MTV]] channels at 7:56 PM EST.<ref name="MTV" />
On July 30th 2012 No Love was VEVO Certified after receiving more than 100,000,000 views on YouTube.
=== Synopsis and reception ===
[[File:No-Love-musicvideo.JPG|thumb|right|Eminem as seen in front of a screen depicting monkey bars and other playground equipment.]]
The "No Love" video begins with a boy that has a [[Flashback (narrative)|flashback]] to an occasion when he is forced to evade several [[dodgeball]]s from [[Bullying|bullies]]. He has several flashbacks of himself being bullied while he is in his room. The second one of them is when he goes to his locker to get his things with him and when he puts his hat on. The same bullies arrive and pick his hat off and start beating him. Lil Wayne begins rapping at this point. The bullying flashback scenes are interlaced with Wayne rapping in a black, smoky room, which was filmed in front of a green screen. Meanwhile, Eminem walks into the studio with his lyric sheet, preparing for his [[recording session]]. He also joins behind Lil Wayne in the black room. The school boy encounters the bullies again in the school [[Hall|corridor]], banging into them, but he simply walks off. While the boy daydreams, he listens to songs by Eminem and Lil Wayne in his earphones. The walls in his room are covered with posters of the two rappers, including a promotional poster of ''[[8 Mile (film)|8 Mile]]'', a [[hip hop]] musical film that stars Eminem. In another flashback, he is encountered by the bullies in a [[restroom]]. The boy's hat is thrown into the [[toilet]] and his school items are thrown out. At this point, Eminem begins singing the chorus and the boy is beaten up and left crying. During the chorus, it has Eminem singing in front of images of school playground equipment (a basketball ring, monkey bars, etc.) and dark clouds on a screen behind him.
During the second verse, Eminem appears in a recording studio, rapping his verse in "No Love." American hip hop producers [[Just Blaze]], [[The Alchemist (producer)|The Alchemist]] and [[Mr. Porter|Denaun Porter]] make cameo appearances in the studio. When the boy arrives home from school, his parents see his injuries and begin arguing. The boy leaves to go [[skateboarding]]. After listening to Eminem and Lil Wayne, he is motivated and soon and has the urge to stand up to the bullies. He arrives wearing a [[hoodie]]. At first the boy gets knocked down, but gets back up. At this moment, Eminem finishes his verse and starts singing the chorus. The scenario appears to play out in several ways where in one scene the boy appears to strike one of the bullies and then runs, only to be caught by them. In the next scene, he appears to be on top of one of the bullies and strikes him yet near the end it only appears he postures against the bullies and then walks away. Eminem also finishes his session and leaves to end the video.
Kelley L. Carter from [[MTV News]] said, "Bullies beware!" and that the video "sends a powerful message, in line with much of his latest album, ''Recovery''."<ref name="MTV Reception">{{cite news|url=|first=Kelley|last=Carter|title=Eminem And Lil Wayne's 'No Love' Video Premieres|publisher=[[MTV News]]|date=2010-09-30|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> Simon Vozick-Levinson from ''[[Entertainment Weekly]]'' gave a similar opinion, quoting, "Bullied schoolkids of the world, take heart: You have two very powerful allies named Eminem and Lil Wayne."<ref>{{cite web|url=|first=Simon|last=Vozick-Levinson|title=Eminem and Lil Wayne have 'No Love' for bullies in their new video|work=[[Entertainment Weekly]]|date=2010-10-01|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> Website Hypebeast said that "the clip sets its focus on growing pains."<ref>{{cite news|url=|author=Hypebeast Staff|title=Eminem featuring Lil Wayne – No Love (Video)|publisher=Hypebeast|date=2010-09-30|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref>
== Live performances ==
Eminem has performed "No Love" at the [[The Home & Home Tour]] with American rapper [[Jay-Z]].<ref name="home">{{cite web|url= |title=Ghana News: Latest News in Ghana, Breaking news, politics, Tourism, Business, world news, feature stories, celebrity interviews – Peace FM | |date= |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref> The duo performed the song at the [[Yankee Stadium]] in [[New York City]] on September&nbsp;13,&nbsp;2010, unaccompanied by Lil Wayne.<ref name="yankee">{{cite news|url=|author=Navjosh|title=Eminem – ‘No Love’ (Live At Yankee Stadium, NYC)|publisher=Hiphop-N-More|date=2010-09-14|accessdate=2011-07-12}}</ref> Having performed the chorus and his own verse only, Eminem spoke about his feelings during the performance: "Do not think that I don’t know where I’m at right now, I’m also honored to be on this stage in [[The Bronx]], the birthplace of [[hip hop music|hip hop]]."<ref name="yankee" /> The two artists performed the song on ''[[Saturday Night Live]]'' during December&nbsp;18,&nbsp;2010 in Lil Wayne's first major television appearance since his release from prison.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Eminem to Perform with Lil Wayne on 'SNL'|work=[[Rap-Up]]|accessdate=2010-11-23}}</ref> Many profane lyrics were replaced while the rest were not said at all.<ref name="yt" /> They were accompanied by [[electric guitar]]s, [[musical keyboard]]s and [[drum]]s.<ref name="yt">{{youtube|gRZO_BCp9EM|Eminem Feat Lil Wayne – 'No Love' Live in SNL}}</ref> The stage was decorated with holiday themed decorations. As worded by Mawuse Ziegbe from [[MTV]], "[Lil Wayne] spit the first verse with his signature unhinged energy, asserting his return to the live-television circuit. Em[inem] helmed the rest of the song, nimbly dropping his lyrics with abandon."<ref name="SNLMTV">{{cite news|url=|first=Mawuse|last=Ziegbe|title=Eminem And Lil Wayne Rock 'Saturday Night Live'|publisher=[[MTV News]]|date=2010-12-19|accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref> Eminem wore a black jacket and a cap, while Lil Wayne wore a white t-shirt. The performance also included other songs by each of the artists, such as "[[6 Foot 7 Foot]]" performed by Lil Wayne and "Won't Back Down" performed by Eminem.<ref name="SNLMTV" /> DJ Scoob Doo described Wayne's performance: "The energy in the building is historical and it's extra special to see everybody fight for position backstage to see Lil Wayne take over ''SNL''."<ref name="SNLMTV" />
The song was performed in the [[Bonnaroo Music Festival|2011 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival]] by Eminem and his hypeman [[Mr. Porter]].<ref name="Bonnaroo">{{cite news|url=|title=Eminem Performs “No Love” Live At Bonnaroo|work=''Killer Hip Hop''|date=2011-06-12|accessdate=2011-07-12}}</ref> He wore a black [[Bad Meets Evil]] t-shirt and [[Military camouflage|camouflage]] shorts.<ref name="hollywood">{{cite news|url=|author=The THR Staff|title=Eminem's Bonnaroo Performance: Watch the Hip-Hopper in His Festival Debut (Video)|work=[[The Hollywood Reporter]]|agency=Associated Press|date=2011-06-13|accessdate=2011-07-12}}</ref> He also performed songs with [[Royce da 5'9"]].<ref name="Bonnaroo" /> Lil Wayne was not present at the live performance, despite performing in the festival.<ref>{{cite news|url=|first=James|last=Montgomery|title=Bonnaroo 2011: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Mumford & Sons Steal The Show|publisher=[[MTV News]]|date=2011-06-013|accessdate=2011-08-07}}</ref> The performance was widely praised. According to James Montgomery of [[MTV News]], "It's the same renewed vigor Eminem has displayed on his most-recent efforts."<ref name="Bonnaroo" /> Adam Grahan from ''[[The Detroit News]]'' said "Eminem injected the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with a heavy dose of [[Detroit]] swagger on Saturday night."<ref>{{cite news|url=|first=Adam|last=Graham|title=Eminem in top form at Bonnaroo Festival|work=[[The Detroit News]]|date=2011-06-12|accessdate=2011-07-12}}</ref> Magazine ''[[The Hollywood Reporter]]'' described the performance: "Eminem was in top form, fast and angry as he stalked the stage in long camouflage shorts and a black t-shirt."<ref name="hollywood" /> Eminem performed "No Love" without Lil Wayne at [[Lollapalooza|Lollapalooza 2011]] in [[Chicago]] on August&nbsp;6,&nbsp;2011. The performance was widely praised by news reporters.<ref name="Chicago">{{cite news|url=|first=Gil|last=Kaufman|title=Eminem Slays Massive Crowd At Lollapalooza|publisher=[[MTV News]] ([[MTV Networks]])|date=2011-08-07|accessdate=2011-08-09}}</ref>
* '''Digital download'''<ref name="apple1">{{cite web|url= |title=iTunes - Music - No Love - Single by Lil Wayne & Eminem | |date=2010-11-04 |accessdate=2012-04-15}}</ref>
# "No Love" - 4:59
# "No Love" (Final Director's Cut Video) - 5:14
* '''German CD single'''<ref name="amazon1">{{cite web|url= |title=No Love: Eminem: Music | |date= |accessdate=2012-04-15}}</ref>
# "No Love" (Explicit) - 5:00
# "No Love" (Clean) - 5:00
== Credits and personnel ==
*Recorded at: Effigy Studios in [[Ferndale, Michigan]].
*[[Eminem]] – [[Songwriting|songwriter]], [[Audio mixing (recorded music)|mixing]]
*[[Lil Wayne]] – songwriter
*[[Just Blaze]] – [[Record producer|producer]], mixing, songwriter
*Mike Strange – [[Audio recording|recording]], mixing
*Joe Strange – [[Music engineering|assistant engineering]]
*Ryan West – recording, mixing
*Dee Dee Halligan – songwriter
*Junior Torello – songwriter
* Contains elements of "[[What Is Love (Haddaway song)|What Is Love]]" performed by [[Haddaway]] and written by Dee Dee Halligan and Junior Torello.
Credits and personnel adapted from the ''Recovery'' digital booklet.<ref name="booklet">{{cite album-notes |title= Recovery|albumlink= Recovery (Eminem album)|artist=[[Eminem]] |year=2010 |first=Marshall |last=Mathers |page=8 |pages=13 |format=Digital booklet |publisher=[[Aftermath Entertainment]], [[Interscope Records]] |location=2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California}}</ref>
==Charts and certifications==
=== Charts ===
{| class="wikitable sortable"
!scope="col"| Chart (2010)
!scope="col"| Peak<br>position
{{singlechart|Australia|21|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love}}
|Australia ([[ARIA Singles Chart|ARIA]] Urban)<ref>[ "Top 40 Urban Albums & Singles Chart"]. 2010-10-18. [[Australian Record Industry Association]]. Retrieved 2010-10-17.</ref>
|style="text-align:center;" |7
{{singlechart|Austria|26|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love}}
{{singlechart|Canada|24|artist=Eminem|song=No Love|artistid=315925}}
{{singlechart|Denmark|36|artist=Eminem|song=No Love|year=2010|week=45}}
{{singlechart|Billboardeuropeanhot100|36|artist=Eminem|song=No Love|artistid=315925}}
{{singlechart|Germany|17|artist=Eminem Feat.Lil Wayne|song=No Love (2-track)}}
{{singlechart|Ireland|31|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love|week=43|year=2010}}
{{singlechart|New Zealand|22|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love}}
|Poland ([[Polish Music Charts|Video Chart]])<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Top 5 video |publisher=[[ZPAV]]|work=[[Polish Video Chart]] |date=2011-10-08 |accessdate=2011-11-27}}</ref>
| style="text-align:center;"|5
{{singlechart|Switzerland|39|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love}}
{{singlechart|UK|33|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love|date=2010-11-20}}
{{singlechart|UKrandb|7|artist=Eminem feat. Lil Wayne|song=No Love|date=2010-11-20}}
|US [[Billboard Hot 100|''Billboard'' Hot 100]]<ref name="sc_Billboardhot100_Eminem">{{cite news|url=|title=Eminem Album & Song Chart History: Hot 100|work=Billboard}}</ref>
|style="text-align:center;" |23
|US [[Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs]]<ref name="sc_Billboardhot100_Eminem2">{{cite web|url=|title=No Love – Eminem|work=Billboard}}</ref>
|style="text-align:center;" |59
{{singlechart|Billboardrapsongs|9|artist=Eminem|song=No Love|artistid=315925}}
{{singlechart|Billboardpopsongs|20|artist=Eminem|song=No Love|artistid=315925}}
=== Certifications ===
{| class="wikitable"
!scope="col"|[[List of music recording certifications|Certification]]
|[[Australian Recording Industry Association|Australia]]
|style="text-align:center;| <center>Gold<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=ARIA Charts – Accreditations – 2010 Singles | |date=2010-07-31 |accessdate=2011-07-06}}</ref></center>
|[[Recording Industry Association of New Zealand|New Zealand]]
==Release history==
{| class="wikitable"
|United States<ref>{{cite web|last=Carter |first=Kelley L. |url= |title=Eminem And Lil Wayne's 'No Love' Video Premieres - Music, Celebrity, Artist News |publisher=MTV |date=2010-09-30 |accessdate=2012-04-15}}</ref>
|October 5, 2010
|United Kingdom<ref name="apple1"/>
|November 4, 2010
|[[music download|Digital download]]
|Germany<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=No Love (2-Track): Eminem Feat.Lil Wayne: Musik | |date=2009-09-09 |accessdate=2010-12-10}}</ref>
|November 5, 2010
|rowspan="2"|[[CD single]]
|United Kingdom<ref name="amazon1"/>
|November 16, 2010
==External links==
*{{youtube|KV2ssT8lzj8|"No Love" Official music video (explicit)}}
*{{youtube|UbQhKxxrq04|"No Love" Official music video (clean)}}
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[[it:No Love]]
[[ka:No Love]]
[[pl:No Love]]
[[pt:No Love]]
[[ru:No Love]]
[[sk:No Love]]
[[tr:No Love]]
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