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Article:The All Ireland Talent Show
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== Series Three==
== Series Three==
A third season was announced in August 2010. However [[Boyzone]]
singer [[Shane Lynch]] announced his departure from the show and
he was replaced by [[Amanda Brunker]]. [[Shane Lynch|Shane]] was however [[Amanda Brunker|Amanda's]] assistant judge at the Dublin auditions.
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="text-align:center;"
! scope="col"| Audition city
! scope="col"| Dates
! scope="col"| Venue
! scope="col"| Head Judge
! scope="col"| Assistant Judges
|-| scope="row"| [[Dublin City]]
| 21st August
| Griffith Conference Centre
| [[Amanda Brunker]]
| [[Shane Lynch]] & [[Larry Gogan]]
|-scope="row"| [[Cork (city)|Cork]]
| [[Cork (city)|Cork]]
| 28th August
| The Clarion Hotel
| [[John Creedon]]
| [[Emma O'Driscoll]] & [[Joe O'Shea]]
|-scope="row"| [[Galway]]
| [[Galway]]
| 4th September
| The Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa
| [[Dáithí Ó Sé]]
| [[Síle Seoige]] & [[Pádraic Breathnach]]
|-scope="row"| [[Derry]]
| [[Derry]]
| 11th September
| The Everglades Hotel
| [[Dana Rosemary Scallon|Dana]]
| Joe Lindsay & [[Majella O'Donnell]]
| [[Kilkenny]]
| 18th September
| The Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel
| [[Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh]]
| [[Cormac Battle]] & Brenda Donahue
==== Episode one: West Auditions====
''' Head judge:'''<br/>[[Dáithí Ó Sé]]<br/>'''Assistant judges:''' <br/>[[Síle Seoige]] & [[Pádraic Breathnach]]<br/>'''Final eight:'''<br/>Aoife and Paul Moroney<br/>Karate Pencil Case<br/>Jacks Angels<br/>Sean Nós ar an tSionnan<br/>Cosa Beoga<br/>Richard Cunningham<br/>Politically Correct<br/>Don Stiff
==== Episode two: East Auditions====
'''Head judge:'''<br/>[[Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh]]<br/>'''Assistant judges:'''<br/>[[Cormac Battle]] & Brenda Donahue<br/>'''Final eight:'''<br/>The Jackson Three<br/>Lil' Duke Box<br/>Dainiel Furlong<br/>The Myth<br/>Claire Mullholland<br/>Arleen Caffrey<br/>Fever felt<br/>Bernadette Spain
==== Episode three: Dublin Auditions====
'''Head judge:'''<br/>[[Amanda Brunker]]<br/>'''Assistant judges:'''<br/>[[Shane Lynch]] and [[Larry Gogan]]<br/>'''Final eight:'''<br/>Kyle Kennedy<br/>Anthony Whyte<br/>Wallis Hamilton<br/>Dan Denehey<br/>Owen Gerrard<br/>Shauna Buckingham<br/>Must Try D'MD<br/>Sheila Keogh
==== Episode four: South Auditions====
'''Head judge:'''<br/>[[John Creedon]]<br/>'''Assistant judges:'''<br/>[[Emma O'Driscoll]] & [[Joe O'Shea]]<br/>'''Final eight:'''<br/> Seamus & Tomas Connolly<br/>Halo<br/>Johnny Mac<br/>Mad 4 Road<br/>Darragh Merrit<br/>Fitzy Chicks<br/>2 day nation<br/>Shane Doonan
==== Episode five: North Auditions====
'''Head judge:'''<br/>[[Dana Rosemary Scallon|Dana]]<br/>'''Assistant judges:'''<br/>Joe Lindsay & [[Majella O'Donnell]]<br/>'''Final eight:'''<br/>The Virginia Gospel Choir<br/>Áine Hassin<br/>Foxen Crew<br/>Louise Florence<br/>Brian Sheeran<br/>The Ward Sisters<br/>Maggie Ferris<br/>Jim Divine
==== Episode six: Heat 1====
To take place on the 31st December 2010.
==See also==
==See also==
*[[Fame: The Musical]]
*[[Fame: The Musical]]
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