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In some cases, especially the monotheistic [[God|Abrahamic God]] or the supreme deity of henotheistic religions, the divine is not thought of by many believers in the same terms as deities - as a powerful, [[anthropomorphic]] supernatural being - but rather becomes esoteric, and ineffable - the [[The Ultimate (philosophy)|Ultimate]], the [[Absolute Infinite]], the [[transcendence (religion)|Transcendent]], the One, the All, Existence, becoming or Being itself, the [[Paul Tillich|ground of being]], the [[nondual]]istic, etc.
In this view, God ([[Allah]], [[Brahman]], [[Elohim]], [[Jesus Christ]], [[Waheguru]], etc.) is not a deity, and the anthropomorphic myths and iconography associated with him are regarded as [[symbol]]ism, allowing worshippers to speak and think about something which otherwise would be beyond human comprehension.
==Scientific positions on deities==
==Scientific positions on deities==
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