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Stupid munkah haoles
'''Caucasian''' may refer to:
*Anything from the [[Caucasus]] region
**[[Peoples of the Caucasus]], humans from the Caucasus region
**[[Languages of the Caucasus]], languages spoken in the Caucasus region
*[[Caucasian race]] (also, "Caucasoid"), a racial classification of human beings used in [[ Typology (anthropology)|racial typology]]
**A term sometimes used in [[American English]] to describe [[white people]] in general
**Specifically in [[American English]], denoting [[White American]]s
*Certain types of animals:
**[[Brown Caucasian (cattle)]], a cattle breed
**[[North Caucasian (pig)]], a pig breed
**[[Caucasian Snowcock]], a type of bird
**[[Caucasian Shepherd Dog]], a dog breed
*''[[The Caucasian Chalk Circle]]'', a play by Bertolt Brecht
*Caucasian, a nickname for a [[White Russian (cocktail)]]
*[[Caucasian Review of International Affairs]], online scholarly journal
==See also==
*Caucasophobia, [[racism in Russia]] toward native Caucasus inhabitants
*[[Caucasia (disambiguation)]]
*[[Caucasus (disambiguation)]]
*[[Kavkazsky (disambiguation)]]
*[[Afro Abkhazian]] ([[Abkhaz people|Abkhazian]]s are a native Caucasian ethnic group)
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