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=== Our Lady of Endor Coven ===
=== Our Lady of Endor Coven ===
{{Main|Our Lady of Endor Coven}}
Tjoo Bodda vill du leka med mig? jag vill leka med dig iallafall ;) jag kommer förbi sen i kväll......
Our Lady of Endor Coven, also known as Ophite Cultus Satanas (originally spelled "Sathanas"), was a satanic cult founded in 1948 by Herbert Arthur Sloane in [[Toledo, Ohio]]. The group was heavily influenced by [[gnosticism]] (especially that found in the contemporary book by [[Hans Jonas]], ''The Gnostic Religion''), and worshiped Satanas, their name for Satan (''Cultus Satanas'' is a [[Latin]] version of Cult of Satan). Satanas (or Satan) was defined in gnostic terms as the [[Serpent (Bible)|Serpent]] in the [[Garden of Eden]] who revealed the knowledge of the true God to [[Eve]]. That it called itself "[[Ophites|Ophite]]" is a reference to the ancient gnostic sect of the Ophites, who were said to worship the serpent.
== Atheistic Satanism ==
== Atheistic Satanism ==
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