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Article:Matt Brittin
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He was born in [[Walton-on-Thames]], north-west Surrey.
He was born in [[Walton-on-Thames]], north-west Surrey.
At university he rowed in [[The Boat Race]] three times, being 6&nbsp;ft 3in. He rowed for Britain from 1985-89. In the [[World Rowing Championships]] he won a bronze medal in 1988. He also represented Great Britain in rowing at the [[Rowing at the 1988 Summer Olympics|1988 Seoul Olympics]].<ref>{{cite web|url= | first=Mark|last=Sweney|title=Matt Brittin to run Google UK |publisher=The Guardian |date=18 March 2009 |accessdate=13 July 2012}}</ref>
no he is a good man but he begs onroad
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