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Article:Spring Breakers
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* [[James Franco]] as Alien
* [[James Franco]] as ASSface
* [[Vanessa Hudgens]] as Candy
* [[Vanessa Hudgens]] as Candy cock sucka
* [[Selena Gomez]] as Faith
* [[Selena Gomez]] as shit face
* [[Ashley Benson]] as Brit
* [[Ashley Benson]] as Brit hard cocks
* [[Rachel Korine]] as Cotty
* [[Rachel Korine]] as Cotty cocks
* [[Gucci Mane]] as Big Arch
* [[Gucci Mane]] as Big Dick suckas
* [[Heather Morris]] as Bess
* [[Heather Morris]] as Blessed dick
* Ash Lendzion as Forest
* Ash Lendzion as Forest turd
* Emma Holzer as Heather
* Emma Holzer as justin beiber
* [[Jeff Jarrett]] as Youth pastor
* [[Jeff Jarrett]] as shitty pastor
* John McClain as Judge
* John McClain as the ugly nigga Judge
* Sidney and Thurman Sewell as ATL twins
* Sidney and Thurman Sewell as weiner cock
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