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Article:Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
(Drug trafficking)
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===Drug trafficking===
===Drug trafficking===
A number of intelligence agencies have accused that LTTE is involved in drug trafficking. In 2010, citing [[Royal Canadian Mounted Police]] sources, ''[[Jane's Intelligence Review]]'' said the LTTE controls a portion of the one billion dollar drug market in the Canadian city of [[Montreal]].<ref name="def">{{Cite news|url=|title=Jane's intelligence review says LTTE controls a portion of Montreal's USD 1b drug trade| publisher=Ministry of Defense, Sri Lanka|date=December 2010|accessdate=30 July 2011|location=}}</ref> It also states, narcotics smuggling using its merchant ships, is one of the main ways of earning money out of its $300 million annual income. [[United States Department of Justice|U.S. Department of Justice]] states that LTTE has historically served as the drug couriers moving narcotics into Europe.<ref name="just">{{Cite news|url=|title=Narco-Terrorism: International Drug Trafficking and Terrorism – a Dangerous Mix| publisher=[[United States Department of Justice]]|date=May 2003|accessdate=30 July 2011|location=}}</ref> Indian authorities accused LTTE operatives used to bring narcotics to [[Mumbai]] from [[Mandsaur District]] of [[Madhya Pradesh]], Rajasthan and Punjab border. Then the drugs were transported to coastal towns in Tamil Nadu such as [[Thoothukudi|Tuticorin]], [[Rameswaram]], [[Ramanathapuram]], [[Nagapattinam]] and [[Kochi]],in Kerala State.<ref name="toid">{{Cite news|url=|title=LTTE fall will alter drug trade in India| publisher=[[Times of India]]|date=May 2009|accessdate=30 July 2011|location=}}</ref>
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===Credit card fraud===
===Credit card fraud===
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