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Article:George Marshall
(Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize)
(U.S. military honors)
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==Awards and decorations==
==Awards and decorations==
===U.S. military honors===
===U.S. military honorsff|}
|{{Ribbon devices|number=1|type=oak|ribbon=Distinguished Service Medal ribbon.svg|width=60}}
|[[Army Distinguished Service Medal|Distinguished Service Medal]] with one [[Oak Leaf Cluster]]
|[[File:Silver Star ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[Silver Star]]
|[[File:Philippine Campaign Medal ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[Philippine Campaign Medal]]
|{{Ribbon devices|number=4|type=service-star|ribbon=World War I Victory Medal ribbon.svg|width=60}}
|[[World War I Victory Medal (United States)|World War I Victory Medal]] with four [[battle clasp|campaign clasp]]s
|[[File:Army of Occupation of Germany ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[Army of Occupation of Germany Medal]]
|[[File:American Defense Service ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[American Defense Service Medal]]
|[[File:American Campaign Medal ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[American Campaign Medal]]
|[[File:World War II Victory Medal ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[World War II Victory Medal]]
|[[File:National Defense Service Medal ribbon.svg|60px]]
|[[National Defense Service Medal]]
===Foreign orders===
===Foreign orders===
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