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{{Infobox television
| show_name = Quizz or Buzz
| image = Quizz or Buzz 1.jpg
| caption = Quizz or Buzz: Logo of the French pilot
| genre = [[Game show]]
| format =
| creator =
| developer =
| presenter = [[Engin Altan Düzyatan]]
| starring =
| narrated =
| theme_music_composer =
| opentheme =
| endtheme =
| composer =
| location =
| country = {{flag|France}}
| language =
| num_seasons = 1
| num_episodes =
| list_episodes =
| runtime = 52 minutes
| company = Sinerji Prodüksiyon
| distributor =
| network = [[ATV (Turkey)|ATV]]
| picture_format =
| audio_format =
| first_aired = July 2014
| last_aired =
| preceded_by =
| followed_by =
| related =
| website =
| production_website =
'''''Quizz or Buzz''''' is a TV [[game show]] of [[France|French]] origin, initially piloted by French channel [[TF1]] in 2013 (hosted by [[Gérard Vivès]] and [[Estelle Denis]], with the title "51 Buzzers") and in 2014 (hosted by [[Jean-Pierre Foucault]] with the title "The Last Buzzer"),<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Premières images des Buzzers, un nouveau jeu de TF1 avec Jean-Pierre Foucault | |language=French |accessdate=2014-06-13}}</ref> and whose first international production was released by the Turkish channel [[ATV (Turkey)|ATV]] in the summer of 2014. It is based on [[multiple choice]] (MCQ) of [[general knowledge]].
== Gameplay ==
A pair of fellow contestants must correctly answer 7 general knowledge questions, with 4 possible answers, to win € 1,000 or € 100,000.
31 buzzers are arranged in front of them and illuminate when pressed, randomly either green, or red, or golden yellow.
[[File:Quizz or Buzz 3.jpg|thumb|left|Quizz or Buzz: Studio set]]
12 prizes of € 100,000 and 12 prizes of € 1,000 are at stake.
Of the 31 buzzers :
* 7 green buzzers remove a wrong answer.
* 12 golden buzzers eliminate a prize of € 100,000.
* 12 red buzzers eliminate a prize of € 1,000.
When contestants are unable to answer a question, they will search for a green buzzer to remove a wrong answer. During this search, contestants can also find:
* Some golden buzzers, eliminating desirable prizes (€ 100,000).
* Some red buzzers, eliminating less desirable prizes (€ 1,000).
When a green buzzer is found, the host asks what are the 2 answers between which they are hesitating. Contestants select, of course, the 2 answers that they consider the most plausible. Of course, at least one of those answers is wrong. Therefore, 1 of these 2 answers is withdrawn (however, nothing guarantees that the other un-eliminated answer is the correct answer, because contestants may not indicate the correct answer among the 2 answers that they consider most plausible). Therefore, there are still 3 answers to choose from and contestants have as many seconds to answer as there remain unused buzzers.
When contestants can answer a question without the help of the buzzers, 2 red buzzers are removed.
A life-line, the "Give and Take" is available once per episode: It provides the answer, but removes 2 golden buzzers.
If the 7 questions are answered correctly, the remaining green buzzers are removed and the contestants choose a final buzzer. Tension is strong until the end, as they do not know if they will finally find a golden buzzer (and a prize of € 100,000) or a red buzzer (and a prize of € 1,000).
==First broadcast in Turkey==
The first season of ''Quizz or Buzz'' is produced by Sinerji Prodüksiyon with the Turkish title "Kim Bilir?" (Who knows?) in spring 2014 for a [[prime-time]] during [[Ramadan]] in the summer of 2014 on the ATV channel. The host is [[Engin Altan Düzyatan]], who had previously hosted the Turkish version of [[Million Dollar Money Drop]] on [[Show TV]].
==External links==
* French pilot, produced by [[TF1]].
[[Category:French game shows]]
[[Category:2014 television series debuts]]
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