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{{Unreferenced|date=June 2010}}
The '''Jiger''' was the first [[All-terrain vehicle|All Terain Vehicle (ATV)]]. It was a 6-wheeled [[amphibious ATV]] with differential steering via separate throttle control of its dual (left vs right) engines. The first Jigers were built-to-order beginning in 1961 by JGR Gunsport in Toronto and were mass produced by Jiger Corporation beginning in 1965. Production of the Jiger ended in 1968 due to the financial weakness of the company, despite strong demand. Around 3337 Jigers were built.
If you are being forced to do a school project, simply go to the actuall Jiger AATV website.
Shortly before financial difficulties set in, the twin 2 cycle "Techumseh Power Products" engines were replaced by a single 4 cycle "JLO" engine. The dual engine system presented several problems. The first was keeping two engines timed at the same rpms on straight line travel which often required course correction. Secondly, maintaining two engines. 2 cycle engines tend foul plugs which had to be replaced often. A dual clutch/brake system was used to tie the two sides to the single power source.
The changes greatly improved product operation and depenability.
The Jiger was the brainchild of Jack (Jacob) Rempel (a.k.a. John Gower) – the founder of JGR Gunsport - and Swiss engineer Fred Rohrer.
The Jiger was produced three models:
* Build A – built to order
* Model 152
* Model 197
[[Category:Amphibious vehicles]]
[[Category:Amphibious vehicles]]
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