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Article:Appalachian Trail
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[[File:SunfishPond.jpg|thumb|250px|[[Sunfish Pond]] on the Appalachian trail in [[New Jersey]].]]
[[File:SunfishPond.jpg|thumb|250px|[[Sunfish Pond]] on the Appalachian trail in [[New Jersey]].]]
===New Jersey===
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'''New Jersey''' is home to 72 miles (116&nbsp;km) of the trail.<ref name=newjersey>[ "Explore the Trail: New Jersey"] (accessed September 11, 2006).</ref> The trail enters New Jersey from the south on a pedestrian walkway along the [[Interstate 80]] bridge over the [[Delaware River]], ascends from the [[Delaware Water Gap]] to the top of [[Kittatinny Ridge]] in [[Worthington State Forest]], passes [[Sunfish Pond]] (right), continues through [[Stokes State Forest]] and eventually reaches [[High Point (New Jersey)|High Point State Park]], the highest peak in New Jersey (a side trail is required to reach the actual peak). It then turns in a southeastern direction along the New York border for about 30 miles (48&nbsp;km), passing over long sections of boardwalk bridges over marshy land, then entering [[Wawayanda State Park]] and then the [[Abram S. Hewitt State Forest]] just before entering New York near [[Greenwood Lake, New York|Greenwood Lake]].
Black bear activity along the trail in New Jersey increased rapidly starting in 2001. Hence, metal bear-proof trash boxes are in place at all New Jersey shelters.
[[File:Island Pond-Harriman State Park.jpg|250px|thumb|Island Pond, Harriman State Park]]
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===New York===
===New York===
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