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   1. Fasil Assefa (diff)      Orthodox
   2. Neuromonk Feofan (diff)      Orthodox
   3. Orthodox (diff)      Orthodoxism
   4. United Theological College, Bangalore (diff)      Whitefield
   5. United Theological College, Bangalore (diff)      Orthodox
   6. Pawan Singh (diff)      Pratigya
   7. Pawan Singh (diff)      Rajkumar
   8. Decatur, Indiana (diff)      Church of God
   9. Reuben Olembo (diff)      Church of God
   10. Justin Gonzales (diff)      Church of God
   11. List of Tranmere Rovers F.C. players (1921–39) (diff)      Robert Gray
   12. Valentine Blacker (diff)      Madras Light Cavalry
   13. Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert (diff)      Madras Light Cavalry
   14. Wanderer (diff)      Dennis Schmidt
   15. Iota and Jot (diff)      Total
   16. Depth of noncommutative subrings (diff)      Generator
   17. Depth of noncommutative subrings (diff)      Annihilator
   18. Generalized Noether's identity and non-classical Noether's conservation laws (diff)      Lagrangian
   19. Generator (category theory) (diff)      Annihilator
   20. Antigua and Barbuda (diff)      Church of God
   21. Image functors for sheaves (diff)      Étale
   22. Landweber exact functor theorem (diff)      Étale
   23. Topological modular forms (diff)      Étale
   24. Lie groupoid (diff)      Étale
   25. Ministry of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs (diff)      Islamic education
   26. Fazlur Rahman Malik (diff)      Islamic education
   27. Outline of Islam (diff)      Islamic education
   28. SpyEye (diff)      Transaction
   29. John Thomas (VC) (diff)      Fontaine
   30. Charles Bartlett (RAF officer) (diff)      Fontaine
   31. List of Royal Northumberland Fusiliers battalions in World War II (diff)      Fontaine
   32. Taqlid (diff)      Islamic Reformism
   33. Ahmad Kasravi (diff)      Islamic Reformism
   34. Adeline Masquelier (diff)      Islamic Reformism
   35. Bulk Copy Program (diff)      Fixed-width typeface
   36. ASCII art (diff)      Fixed-width typeface
   37. UNIVAC High speed printer (diff)      Fixed-width typeface
   38. Petrie multiplier (diff)      Quadratic
   39. Bilinear interpolation (diff)      Quadratic
   40. Arambam Boby (diff)      Mr. World
   41. Jim Badra (diff)      Mr. World
   42. Dennis Tinerino (diff)      Mr. World
   43. Gentrification in Philadelphia (diff)      University City
   44. Gentrification in Philadelphia (diff)      Equity
   45. Lei (TV channel) (diff)      Mistress
   46. Patrick Baladi (diff)      Mistress
   47. Laser surgery (diff)      Tissue
   48. Capillary (diff)      Tissue
   49. Nabagram FP School (diff)      Nabagram
   50. Multilocus genotype (diff)      Locus

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