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   1. Robert Redford filmography (diff)      The Company You Keep
   2. List of English apocopations (diff)      Terrible
   3. Montana Republican Party (diff)      Terry Nelson
   4. Rayshade (diff)      Tarball
   5. Rayshade (diff)      Ray tracing
   6. 2017–18 Manchester City W.F.C. season (diff)      Jane Ross
   7. Mayes C. Rubeo (diff)      Sunshine State
   8. Claude Barthélemy (musician) (diff)      Stu Martin
   9. Roland Palmedo (diff)      Stowe
   10. Roland Palmedo (diff)      Godfrey Rockefeller
   11. MCP (diff)      Southbridge
   12. List of Canadian cities named after non-Canadian cities (diff)      Southgate
   13. Saoirse (given name) (diff)      Single-Handed
   14. Plateway (diff)      Sheffield Park
   15. List of fictional books from non-print media (diff)      Shaw
   16. India 'A' cricket team tour of South Africa 2017 (diff)      Shaun George
   17. India 'A' cricket team tour of South Africa 2017 (diff)      Sudip Chatterjee
   18. Cultural and political image of John McCain (diff)      Santa Rosa
   19. Infant and toddler safety (diff)      SIDS
   20. The Bodyguard (musical) (diff)      Run to You
   21. Hampshire County Cricket Club in 2017 (diff)      Ravi Patel
   22. 1925 in Malaya (diff)      Ralph Scott
   23. Dave (surname) (diff)      Rajasthani
   24. Coimbatore metro (diff)      Race Course
   25. Garchey (diff)      Quarry Hill
   26. Marcelle Barthe (diff)      Princess Elizabeth
   27. John Hervey, 2nd Baron Hervey (diff)      Prince Frederick
   28. Culinary Adventure Co. (diff)      Prince Edward County
   29. Culinary Adventure Co. (diff)      Oxford County
   30. Charles Reece Pemberton (diff)      Press gang
   31. Gibraltar Savings Association (diff)      Power broker
   32. Radogost (diff)      Pope John
   33. Ą (diff)      Poland-Lithuania
   34. House of Piña (diff)      Peter III
   35. Saratov Oblast (diff)      Peter I
   36. Shirokane (diff)      Parisienne
   37. Petersham Town Hall (diff)      Paper Giants
   38. Glossary of names for the British (diff)      Paddy
   39. List of Tennessee area codes (diff)      Overlay
   40. Wales Book of the Year (diff)      Stump
   41. Wales Book of the Year (diff)      Presence
   42. Neal Simon (diff)      Rockwell
   43. Michael Fields (musician) (diff)      Santa Cruz County
   44. Fei Fei Sun (diff)      Valentino
   45. Chris Gelbuda (diff)      Robert Randolph
   46. Group of death (diff)      Top Dog
   47. Lithuania at the 1992 Summer Olympics (diff)      Nikolay Dimitrov
   48. The Story of Demis Roussos (diff)      Nancy Boyd
   49. 1966 South American Basketball Championship (diff)      Mendoza
   50. Harry Chapin (diff)      Listener

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