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   1. T. F. Šimon (diff)      Etch
   2. Esther (given name) (diff)      Esther Jones
   3. Beethoven Symphonies (Liszt) (diff)      Eroica
   4. With a Song in My Heart (Stevie Wonder album) (diff)      Ernest Watkins (disambiguation)
   5. List of professional sports teams in the United States and Canada (diff)      Erie BayHawks
   6. Newark, Ohio (diff)      Eric Wright
   7. Free State goldfields (diff)      Eric Rosenthal
   8. History of Buffalo, New York (diff)      Erie County
   9. List of world records in rowing (diff)      Eric Murray
   10. Beauty (ancient thought) (diff)      Equinox Publishing
   11. Martha Merrow (diff)      Entrainment
   12. Augustine Washington (diff)      English America
   13. Everybody's Talkin' (diff)      Engelbert Humperdinck
   14. Glossary of motorsport terms (diff)      Endurance race
   15. Hook (Once Upon a Time) (diff)      Enchanted Forest (disambiguation)
   16. List of Yes concert tours (1960s–70s) (diff)      Empire Theatre
   17. Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical (diff)      Emma Williams
   18. Rally Cycling (women's team) (diff)      Emma White
   19. Sholom Shuchat (diff)      Crown Heights
   20. List of songs recorded by Red Hot Chili Peppers (diff)      Crosstown traffic
   21. SimHash (diff)      Crawler
   22. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) (diff)      Crap
   23. Flo Bojaj (diff)      Craig Reid
   24. Richard Switzer (diff)      Craig Robinson
   25. Vincent Gaddis (diff)      Crackpot
   26. Rental agreement (diff)      Coverage
   27. Minnesota State High School Mathematics League (diff)      Cotter High School
   28. Data integrity (diff)      Correctness
   29. Nance (surname) (diff)      Cornish
   30. TestComplete (diff)      Web
   31. TestComplete (diff)      Cordova
   32. Luton Airport (song) (diff)      Cool for Cats
   33. Sir John Meade, 1st Baronet (diff)      Cook
   34. Rail transport (diff)      Contractor
   35. List of Alabama companies (diff)      Continental Motors
   36. Manado (diff)      Continental
   37. President of the Supreme Court of Spain (diff)      Constitution of 1978
   38. I Miss You (Klymaxx song) (diff)      Constellation Records
   39. International Student Week in Ilmenau (diff)      Conference
   40. Dan Botwe (diff)      Computer analyst
   41. KTDE (diff)      Commonwealth Club
   42. Peter Shaw (physician) (diff)      Edward Hulse
   43. Constantine Phipps (diplomat) (diff)      Edward Miller Mundy
   44. Galleria Shopping Mall (diff)      Edgars
   45. Washington Nationals minor league players (diff)      Eastern League
   46. Wolves in the Throne Room (diff)      Earth (disambiguation)
   47. Elvis Perkins (diff)      East Coast
   48. Willie Bauld (diff)      Edinburgh City
   49. Quartus (diff)      Commandment
   50. Mario Winans (diff)      Come with Me

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