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   1. Niel Murillo (diff)      Acoustic
   2. Sister Hazel (album) (diff)      All for You
   3. Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978 (diff)      Cradle
   4. Road of Dreams (diff)      Borderless
   5. Reroute to Remain (diff)      Tony Banks
   6. Remnants of War (diff)      Burning Star
   7. Red Hot Chili Peppers Official Bootlegs (diff)      Give It Away
   8. Real Emotion (album) (diff)      Mix
   9. R U Ready? (album) (diff)      Music Bank
   10. Purpendicular (diff)      Rainbow (disambiguation)
   11. Pure McCartney (Paul McCartney album) (diff)      Venus and Mars
   12. Little Round Mirrors (diff)      G-sharp
   13. Now That's What I Call Music! 93 (UK series) (diff)      Something Good
   14. President Yo La Tengo (diff)      Ride the Tiger
   15. Peter Gabriel (1982 album) (diff)      Primus
   16. Person Pitch (diff)      Calypso
   17. Overnight (album) (diff)      Wide Awake
   18. Open (Shaznay Lewis album) (diff)      All Saints
   19. On the Line (Gary U.S. Bonds album) (diff)      Mix
   20. Omen (Within the Ruins EP) (diff)      Fight Fire with Fire
   21. Now That's What I Call Music! 91 (UK series) (diff)      Sam Smith
   22. Now That's What I Call Music! 64 (UK series) (diff)      Overlap
   23. Not of This Earth (The Damned album) (diff)      Testify (disambiguation)
   24. New Life Dreaming (Steve Roach album) (diff)      Somewhere Else
   25. NME Albums and Tracks of the Year, 2012 (diff)      Fin (disambiguation)
   26. Music on The Shield (diff)      The Quick Fix
   27. Monty Python Live at City Center (diff)      Arista
   28. Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album (diff)      Meaning of life (disambiguation)
   29. Montreux '77 (Tommy Flanagan album) (diff)      Eclypso
   30. List of pop punk albums (diff)      Hypnotized (disambiguation)
   31. Kingdom of Conspiracy (diff)      Atonement
   32. Hecho en España (video) (diff)      World Tour
   33. Grow Up (Desperate Journalist album) (diff)      The Skinny
   34. Grey Blood (diff)      Bizarre
   35. Good News from the Next World (diff)      Hypnotized (disambiguation)
   36. Flat Out (John Scofield album) (diff)      By any means necessary (disambiguation)
   37. Positronic brain (diff)      The Chase
   38. Transtar Dagger GT (diff)      Goodyear
   39. Rock en Español, Vol. 1 (diff)      Wild Thing
   40. Catholic School Girls Rule (diff)      Black Flag
   41. Voluntary Service Overseas (diff)      Volunteer (disambiguation)
   42. Olutoyin Augustus (diff)      Track
   43. Northeastern Wisconsin Lutheran High School (diff)      Track
   44. The Making of the Mob: Chicago (diff)      Laundering
   45. The Making of the Mob: Chicago (diff)      Fifth Amendment
   46. The Making of the Mob: Chicago (diff)      Tropicana
   47. Shane Huffman (diff)      Crew chief
   48. Kyle Petty (diff)      Decommissioning
   49. Mike Zordich (diff)      Evening Sun
   50. Krampus in popular culture (diff)      Supernatural (disambiguation)

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