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   1. Ward Thomas (band) (diff)      Cartwheel
   2. The Thunder Rolls (diff)      All That Remains
   3. Morgan Evans (singer) (diff)      CMA
   4. David Bromberg (diff)      Deep
   5. Common Ground High School (diff)      Urban
   6. Anatole Broyard (diff)      New Directions
   7. You Look Good Tour (diff)      Love Don't Live Here
   8. Who You Selling For Tour (diff)      Grant Park
   9. Warped Tour 2017 (diff)      Attila (disambiguation)
   10. Vulnicura Tour (diff)      ARCA
   11. System of a Down Reunion Tour (diff)      Clarkston
   12. Not in This Lifetime... Tour (diff)      Channel Zero
   13. Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour (diff)      Alabama (disambiguation)
   14. Heathen Tour (diff)      I've Been Waiting for You
   15. Born Again Tour 1983 (diff)      Trashed
   16. Tail call (diff)      Racket
   17. Sitcom (diff)      Arrested development (disambiguation)
   18. Running gag (diff)      Wheel of Fortune
   19. Michelle Wolf (diff)      Live at the Apollo
   20. Kenan Thompson (diff)      Leslie Jones
   21. Iliza Shlesinger (diff)      Freeform
   22. Mike Houston (American football) (diff)      ECAC
   23. Marshall Thundering Herd football (diff)      Marco
   24. Jerrel Jernigan (diff)      Eufaula High School
   25. Jay Dobyns (diff)      Den of Thieves
   26. 2017 Temple Owls football team (diff)      Central High School
   27. 2017 Cheyney Wolves football team (diff)      Lincoln University
   28. Seth Greenberg (diff)      ACC Coach of the Year
   29. Robert Hughes (basketball) (diff)      Trinity Episcopal Church
   30. Antonio Blakeney (diff)      Oak Ridge High School
   31. Tuck Everlasting (diff)      Scholastic
   32. The Story of the Treasure Seekers (diff)      Half Magic
   33. The Adventures of Captain Underpants (diff)      Bubble
   34. Stephenie Meyer (diff)      Baby mama (disambiguation)
   35. Sagan om Sune (diff)      Sune
   36. Ruth Manning-Sanders (diff)      Haunted Castle
   37. Private Peaceful (diff)      Script
   38. Maurice Sendak (diff)      Up and Down
   39. Marc Simont (diff)      Delacorte
   40. Lloyd Alexander (diff)      Le Mur
   41. List of fictional pirates (diff)      Godspeed
   42. King Thrushbeard (diff)      Spin-off
   43. James Stevenson (illustrator) (diff)      Happily Ever After
   44. Jack Sendak (diff)      Circus Girl
   45. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (diff)      Revival
   46. Earthseed (novel) (diff)      Supply
   47. Yamaha XT 250 (diff)      Knight Rider
   48. Visvim (diff)      Made in Japan
   49. Toyota 86 (diff)      Scion
   50. Reliant Kitten (diff)      Ogle

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