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   1. Greece–Israel relations (diff)      David Harris
   2. Midpeninsula Free University (diff)      David Harris
   3. Houseman Field (diff)      David Harris
   4. Houseman Field (diff)      Catholic Central High School
   5. Houseman Field (diff)      Creston High School
   6. Prairie View A&M Panthers and Lady Panthers (diff)      Panther
   7. Baseball in Greece (diff)      Panther
   8. 27th Annie Awards (diff)      Ray Patterson
   9. Pink Panther and Sons (diff)      Ray Patterson
   10. List of animated feature films of 1980 (diff)      Ray Patterson
   11. The 2i's Coffee Bar (diff)      Brian Bennett
   12. Rockin' with Curly Leads (diff)      Brian Bennett
   13. Premier Percussion (diff)      Brian Bennett
   14. The War Lord (instrumental) (diff)      Brian Bennett
   15. List of shopping malls in the Philippines (diff)      Cordova
   16. Harry O (diff)      William Henderson
   17. Baby Mine (song) (diff)      William Henderson
   18. Cedar Bough Place Historic District (diff)      Lafayette Square
   19. Religious affiliations of Presidents of the United States (diff)      Lafayette Square
   20. Ireland national rugby league team (diff)      David Allen
   21. Ride Like the Wind (album) (diff)      Thomas Johnson
   22. List of tennis stadiums by capacity (diff)      Idrottens Hus
   23. Alexandre Hay (diff)      Eric Martin
   24. EMB (diff)      Eric Martin
   25. Everything (Misia song) (diff)      Eric Martin
   26. List of New Orleans Saints players (diff)      Eric Martin
   27. List of Camp Half-Blood characters (diff)      Andromeda
   28. Laura Osnes (diff)      South Pacific
   29. Jean-Pierre Aumont (diff)      South Pacific
   30. List of restaurant chains in the United States (diff)      Brio
   31. Sonic Vista Studios (diff)      Andrew Taylor
   32. Canzo (diff)      Bellagio
   33. Sebastien Stella (diff)      Bellagio
   34. Las Vegas Strip (diff)      Bellagio
   35. List of Polish Americans (diff)      Black ice (disambiguation)
   36. Musiq Soulchild (diff)      Black ice (disambiguation)
   37. Stevenson Sedgwick (diff)      Black ice (disambiguation)
   38. Bukar Sadong language (diff)      Rejang language
   39. Bengkulu (diff)      Rejang language
   40. Languages of Indonesia (diff)      Rejang language
   41. ISO 639:r (diff)      Rejang language
   42. List of countries by spoken languages (diff)      Rejang language
   43. Turkmenistan President's Cup (diff)      Esteghlal
   44. Tehran Football League 1986-1987 (diff)      Homa
   45. Tehran Football League 1986-1987 (diff)      Esteghlal
   46. Tehran Football League 1985-1986 (diff)      Homa
   47. Tehran Football League 1985-1986 (diff)      Esteghlal
   48. Tehran Football League 1983-1984 (diff)      Esteghlal
   49. Dreamcatcher (film) (diff)      Horror
   50. Lake Placid (film) (diff)      Horror

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