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   1. Gerald Hausman (diff)      Stargazer
   2. List of University of Alabama at Birmingham people (diff)      Paul Hardin
   3. Paul Harding (diff)      Paul Hardin
   4. Oscillating gene (diff)      Paul Hardin
   5. Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (diff)      Paul Hardin
   6. Colombian peace process (diff)      Briceño
   7. Sree Bhushan Raju (diff)      DM
   8. Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (diff)      DM
   9. Peter Bowne (diff)      DM
   10. Peter Sleight (diff)      DM
   11. Lobkowicz Palace (diff)      David with the Head of Goliath
   12. 1994 in the United States (diff)      Fulton Street
   13. John Decker (fire chief) (diff)      Fulton Street
   14. Wade Hampton III (diff)      Fulton Street
   15. Communist League (diff)      András Gáspár
   16. Battle of Csorna (diff)      András Gáspár
   17. First Battle of Komárom (1849) (diff)      András Gáspár
   18. Fernando (diff)      Fernando Ortiz
   19. Arianna Dagnino (diff)      Fernando Ortiz
   20. Juan Flores (professor) (diff)      Fernando Ortiz
   21. Martha Ellen Davis (diff)      Fernando Ortiz
   22. 1992 Vyshcha Liha (diff)      Vladislav Novikov
   23. List of foreign Ukrainian Premier League players (diff)      Vladislav Novikov
   24. Foreign footballers in Ukrainian Premier League listed by club (diff)      Vladislav Novikov
   25. X Factor (Italy series 10) (diff)      Lust for Life
   26. Ashly DelGrosso (diff)      Lust for Life
   27. Neuromantic (album) (diff)      Ian Little
   28. The Reflex (diff)      Ian Little
   29. Decade: Greatest Hits (diff)      Ian Little
   30. Union of the Snake (diff)      Ian Little
   31. New Moon on Monday (diff)      Ian Little
   32. Target Practice (song) (diff)      Ian Little
   33. Duran Duran (1981 album) (diff)      Ian Little
   34. Seven and the Ragged Tiger (diff)      Ian Little
   35. Is There Something I Should Know? (diff)      Ian Little
   36. Opinion polling for the South Korean presidential election, 2012 (diff)      Saenuri
   37. Club of Madrid (diff)      Saenuri Party
   38. Ilbe Storehouse (diff)      Saenuri Party
   39. Kim Sung-hwan (politician) (diff)      Saenuri
   40. William Ivey Long (diff)      Mass Appeal
   41. Michael Pate (diff)      Mass Appeal
   42. Stephen Moorer (diff)      Mass Appeal
   43. National Board of Review Awards 1984 (diff)      Mass Appeal
   44. List of American films of 1984 (diff)      Mass Appeal
   45. Ash Adams (diff)      Mass Appeal
   46. Mass Appeal (film) (diff)      Mass Appeal
   47. Molière Award for Best Supporting Actor (diff)      Mass Appeal
   48. Kevin Colson (diff)      Mass Appeal
   49. Deaths in April 2013 (diff)      Mass Appeal
   50. Redinho (diff)      Mass Appeal

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