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   1. The Routine (diff)      Shank
   2. The Three Heroes and Five Gallants (1991 TV series) (diff)      Liu Qing
   3. Tobias Beecher (diff)      Shank
   4. Tobias Beecher (diff)      Miguel Álvarez
   5. Took (The Wire) (diff)      Maudlin
   6. Transformers: Animated (diff)      Protoform
   7. Toon Disney (diff)      Fantasia
   8. Tvoje lice zvuči poznato (Serbian TV series) (diff)      Ivan Ivanović
   9. Tvoje tvář má známý hlas (diff)      Hozier
   10. Untouchable Lovers (diff)      Song Weilong
   11. Usavich (diff)      Masochist
   12. Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Episodic Drama (diff)      Kenneth Rosen
   13. Apertura 2017 Copa MX (diff)      Jonathan Rodriguez
   14. Vejle Boldklub (diff)      Jonas Andersen
   15. Tommy Hamilton (diff)      Johnville F.C.
   16. 2017 EMF EURO (diff)      Ivan Tomašević
   17. Luxembourg 2. Division (diff)      Itzig
   18. Calvin Miller (diff)      James Forrest
   19. List of FC Nantes players (diff)      Jacques Simon
   20. Fabrício Ramos Melo (diff)      Independente
   21. AEK Athens F.C. in European football (diff)      Ilie Bărbulescu
   22. List of foreign Albanian Superliga players (diff)      Ibrahima Koné
   23. Robert Warzycha (diff)      Honvéd
   24. 2017 Davao Aguilas F.C. season (diff)      Fernando Rodríguez
   25. 2017 Davao Aguilas F.C. season (diff)      Milan Nikolić
   26. 2017–18 Queens Park Rangers F.C. season (diff)      David Wheeler
   27. 2017 League of Ireland First Division (diff)      George Kelly
   28. 2017 League of Ireland First Division (diff)      Daniel O'Reilly
   29. Associate Minister of National Defence (Canada) (diff)      Minister of Veterans Affairs
   30. Amherstburg (diff)      National historic site
   31. Algonquian peoples (diff)      Nanticoke
   32. Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet of the 42nd Parliament of Canada (diff)      Michael Lake
   33. Princess May (steamship) (diff)      Sentinel Island
   34. Red Deer, Alberta (diff)      NRC
   35. Shaw Direct (diff)      Spike
   36. The Barr Brothers (diff)      War on Drugs (disambiguation)
   37. Télétoon (diff)      Silverwing
   38. Giovanni Felice Sances (diff)      Ferdinand IV
   39. Giovanni Antonio Giobert (diff)      Magnesia
   40. Ranmuthu Duwa (diff)      Michael Wilson
   41. Richard J. Reynolds High School (diff)      Michael Wilson
   42. Franco-Provençal language (diff)      Substrate
   43. Emilia-Romagna (diff)      Parco regionale del Delta del Po
   44. Edoardo Zavattari (diff)      Einaudi
   45. Domenico Tedesco (diff)      Thomas Schneider
   46. Docibilis I of Gaeta (diff)      Lombard
   47. Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (diff)      Sican
   48. Cannone da 76/45 S 1911 (diff)      MVSN
   49. List of television series that include time travel (diff)      Spur of the Moment
   50. List of programs broadcast by Much (diff)      Loud

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