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   1. List of musicians from Ontario (diff)      James Ross
   2. Ooh It's Kinda Crazy (diff)      No One Does It Better
   3. Brad's Status (diff)      Michael White
   4. Fiction based on World War II (diff)      Mark Ellis
   5. BelAmi (diff)      Marc Vidal
   6. Back to School with Franklin (diff)      James Rankin
   7. List of natural horror films (diff)      Indigenous
   8. Green for Danger (film) (diff)      Geoffrey Brown
   9. Rapture (The Mavis's album) (diff)      Mark Saunders
   10. Herberton, Queensland (diff)      Hill 60
   11. The Real Housewives of Melbourne (diff)      Mary Smith
   12. Muriel Steinbeck (diff)      The Eleventh Hour
   13. Western Australian Rugby League (diff)      Pioneer Park
   14. Ross, Tasmania (diff)      Ross
   15. Barry Award (for comedy) (diff)      Samuel Campbell
   16. List of Old Guildfordians (Western Australia) (diff)      Samuel Taylor
   17. List of Sydney Roosters players (diff)      Harold King
   18. Associated Public Schools of Victoria (diff)      CT
   19. Marshall Rothstein (diff)      CPAC
   20. Earl Pastko (diff)      Roadkill (disambiguation)
   21. Terwillegar Drive (diff)      Flyover
   22. Patrick Boyer (diff)      Bracebridge
   23. List of Benson episodes (diff)      Stir crazy
   24. Pinky Dinky Doo (diff)      CBC
   25. HGTV (Canada) (diff)      Jonathan Scott
   26. Brad Marchand (diff)      Marcus Johansson
   27. Angelo Esposito (diff)      Extraliga
   28. Angelina Love (diff)      Eric Young
   29. University of Victoria (diff)      James Tully
   30. Television Critics Association (diff)      Q&A
   31. Barrie (diff)      Service
   32. Nechako Region (diff)      Prince George
   33. Ontario Highway 401 (diff)      Ontario Highway 11A
   34. David Milgaard (diff)      Kevin Spencer
   35. Deb Matthews (diff)      James Bradley (disambiguation)
   36. Matthew Good Band (diff)      Ian Browne
   37. Matthew Good (diff)      Ian Browne
   38. List of highways in Ontario (diff)      Ontario Highway 11A
   39. Faded (soulDecision song) (diff)      No One Does It Better
   40. Dwayne Morgan (diff)      Scarborough North
   41. Charles Daellenbach (diff)      LLD
   42. 2007 Winnipeg Blue Bombers season (diff)      Kerry Johnson
   43. Executive Council of New Brunswick (diff)      Andrew Harvey
   44. Avenue Road (diff)      Ontario Highway 11A

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