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   1. Pinus albicaulis (diff)      Fascicle
   2. List of Old Newingtonians (diff)      Tocal
   3. List of Australian motor racing series (diff)      James Duckworth
   4. Carols in the Domain (diff)      David Campbell
   5. Slavery among the indigenous peoples of the Americas (diff)      The Doolittle Report
   6. Maxime Bernier (diff)      John Geddes
   7. Route 66 (TV series) (diff)      William Gunn
   8. NTV7 (diff)      Modern
   9. List of seaQuest DSV episodes (diff)      Douglas Burke
   10. List of programs broadcast by ARY Digital (diff)      Kabhie Kabhie
   11. 2007 in American television (diff)      Kid
   12. Combination Game (diff)      William McGregor
   13. Snowy owl (diff)      Hedwig
   14. List of postal codes of Canada: K (diff)      Maple Leaf, Ontario
   15. Jon Drew (diff)      Single Mother
   16. The Other Sport (diff)      Women's football
   17. The Fall Guy (diff)      William Broughton
   18. Uncle Sargam (diff)      Zia-ul-Haq
   19. Little Clowns of Happytown (diff)      Fred Wolf
   20. Rocky Hollow (diff)      John Walker
   21. Rocky Hollow (diff)      Richard Bradley
   22. AB Groupe (diff)      Incorporated
   23. Project Runway (diff)      Hannah Davis
   24. Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars (diff)      David Steele
   25. Scandal (season 5) (diff)      David Rosen
   26. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (diff)      David Nelson
   27. Turnabout Intruder (diff)      Chekhov (disambiguation)
   28. Big Brother 6 (UK) (diff)      Big Brother 10
   29. Tracey Hoyt (diff)      Tournament (disambiguation)
   30. Montreal and Southern Counties Railway (diff)      Victoria Bridge
   31. Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (diff)      Waterhen Lake
   32. Terre Nash (diff)      Saint Mary's College
   33. University Heights SDA, Saskatoon (diff)      Holy Family School
   34. Quebec general election, 2018 (diff)      Fran├žois Blais
   35. Milos Raonic (diff)      Steve Johnson
   36. Milos Raonic (diff)      2017 U.S. Open
   37. Mark Carney (diff)      St Peter's College
   38. Edmonton Folk Music Festival (diff)      Gallagher Park
   39. Danny Sveinson (diff)      Vancouver Film Festival
   40. Cream of Comedy (diff)      Ron Sparks
   41. Court system of Canada (diff)      Administrative tribunal
   42. Franklin Carmichael (diff)      Sudbury
   43. Cool Runnings (diff)      Kingston
   44. Concession road (diff)      Toronto Township
   45. Cathedral of the Transfiguration (Markham) (diff)      Stephen B. Roman
   46. Canterbury High School (Ottawa) (diff)      Steven Gray
   47. Canada women's national rugby union team (diff)      Saint Albert
   48. Bowron Lake Provincial Park (diff)      Babcock Lake
   49. Bob Rock (diff)      Shine On
   50. Barrhead, Alberta (diff)      Canadian National Team
   51. Alissa White-Gluz (diff)      Angra
   52. Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (diff)      Horton High School
   53. Aaryn Doyle (diff)      Best Intentions
   54. Aarti Pole (diff)      Saint John's

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