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   1. List of science fiction films of the 1960s (diff)      Robert Ball
   2. List of Golden Globe winners (diff)      The Emigrants
   3. Harry Smith (poet) (diff)      Terry Kennedy
   4. Vesuvio Entertainment Corporation (diff)      Martha Davis
   5. Living Your Life (diff)      Martha Davis
   6. Peterborough Panthers (diff)      Richard Hall
   7. Lin Dan career statistics (diff)      Vladimir Malkov
   8. List of colonial governors of Mozambique (diff)      Jeronimo Barreto
   9. Harold Koda (diff)      Schiaparelli
   10. Greg Ellis (actor) (diff)      Rogue
   11. Tim Kelsey (diff)      Roger Taylor
   12. The Gilded Cage (The Avengers) (diff)      Roger Marshall
   13. Margaret Beauchamp of Bletso (diff)      Roger Beauchamp
   14. Simplemente María (Venezuelan telenovela) (diff)      José Luis Rodríguez
   15. Canada men's national volleyball team (diff)      William Knight
   16. List of current automobile manufacturers (alphabetical) (diff)      TVS
   17. 2016–17 Brøndby IF season (diff)      Frederik Holst
   18. Jon Smith (diff)      Jonathan Smith
   19. 1973 European Junior Swimming Championships (diff)      Robert Hughes
   20. Mark Henderson (swimmer) (diff)      Jeff King
   21. Jason Hall (screenwriter) (diff)      Jason Hall
   22. List of Maccabiah medalists in swimming (men) (diff)      Jason Bloom
   23. Swimming at the 1978 Asian Games (diff)      Mark Joseph
   24. Nick James (actor) (diff)      White Queen
   25. List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 1857 (diff)      Whatman
   26. 2016–17 Oklahoma City Thunder season (diff)      Wells Fargo Center
   27. Hammerfest (festival) (diff)      Waylander
   28. Mad Hatter (disambiguation) (diff)      Melanie Martinez
   29. Third Saturday in October (diff)      Mark Ingram
   30. The Essential *NSYNC (diff)      Mark Hammond
   31. Thomas Watt Gregory (diff)      Crawfordsville
   32. Now That's What I Call Music! 53 (UK series) (diff)      Walk on Water
   33. Law of the Land (album) (diff)      Walk On By
   34. The Blackwood Brothers (diff)      W.
   35. Georgia gubernatorial election, 1974 (diff)      Georgia Constitution
   36. Harrington (surname) (diff)      George Harrington
   37. The Great Santini (novel) (diff)      George Hall
   38. DJ Flash (diff)      George Graham
   39. The Tubes (diff)      George Daly
   40. United States Senate election in Virginia, 2012 (diff)      George Allen
   41. Mike Bailey (actor) (diff)      Fault
   42. Youth (1934 film) (diff)      Georges Lacombe
   43. The Stairs Without End (diff)      Georges Lacombe
   44. Lectionary 3 (diff)      George Wheeler
   45. Minuscule 68 (diff)      George Wheeler
   46. Wharton (diff)      George Wharton
   47. John Hall (poet) (diff)      George Wharton
   48. List of participants in Queen Elizabeth II coronation procession (diff)      George Jeffreys
   49. List of participants in Queen Elizabeth II coronation procession (diff)      Nicholas Wright
   50. George L. Engel (diff)      Engel

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