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The current time is November 20, 2017, 0:56 UTC. Replication lag is 8 minutes.

This report lists all recently created article dablinks - that is, dablinks that were created within the last month. Each dablink has been assigned a date, and, when possible, the editor who created the dablink and a type, defined below.

The main purpose of this report is identify those dablinks that are created by article edit (Type 5). There is no simple way for an editor to realize they've introduced dablinks to an article, unless they click each and every wikilink they create. This is easy to overlook. In the other methods of dablink creation (the other types below), the editor should be well aware that they are creating dablinks - with the exception of the Type 4 template edits, but templates with dablinks are well under control.

This report is generated twice daily, and the entries in the report are updated from time to time. This report was last generated 19 days 16 hours 27 minutes ago, and last updated 13 days 13 hours 52 minutes ago.

Type 1 - A redirect has been changed to point to a disambig
Type 2 - A page has been converted into a disambig (usually by adding the {{disambig}} template)
Type 3 - A page has become a disambig due to a page move (e.g., moving [[X (disambiguation)]] to [[X]])
Type 4 - A template edit has introduced dablinks
Type 5 - An article edit has introduced dablinks
Type 6 - Probable INTDABLINK violation (hatnote, See also, disambiguation page edit)
Type 7 - A revert has re-introduced dablinks

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