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1 List of First Ladies of the United States (t · h · l) Mid 2011-06-11 (t FL 2009-09-23 (t FL 1379
2 List of Governors of California (t · h · l) Mid 2011-06-10 (t FL 2008-07-11 (t FL 1420
3 List of Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom (t · h · l) Mid 2011-06-10 (t FL 2009-09-23 (t FL 1561
4 List of heads of state of the Central African Republic and Central African Empire (t · h · l) Mid 2012-03-29 (t FL 2012-03-29 (t FL 1449
5 The Twelve Imams (t · h · l) Mid 2014-03-11 (t FL 2014-03-11 (t FL 1269