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After six months of work supported by an IEG grant, a database of more than 6 million etymology entries in 3365 languages has been generated from the English Wiktionary (SPARQL endpoint http://etytree-virtuoso.wmflabs.org) and a first version of the visual etymology dictionary has been released:

A graphical and interactive etymology dictionary based on Wiktionary

some_text Although the goal of the IEG project has been reached, six months were too short to optimise the tool as well as to attract a large community of users: priority was given to setting up the infrastructure and basic functionalities.
For this reason we are requesting a renewal. There are three main aspects that would require further work: For more details about the current version check the renewal proposal.

Like all Wikimedia projects, the renewal of this grant depends on community support. If you find the tool interesting and have comments, please write a comment in the Endorsements section. Your support will help this project become the first Visual Etymology Dictionary.