Tool Not Active/Working (March 2015)

External Link Discovery

What it is:
A tool for finding articles that are missing templates for Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive and LibriVox. Sample Output.
How it works:
Enter a Category containing writers who might have books hosted on the checkmarked sites. The script looks at each author article on Wikipedia and compares with books hosted on the remote sites and determines if any external links are needed. It then generates a report containing wiki markup which can be pasted into Wikipedia.
Internet Archive

(Enter category name w/out "Category:")

Notes and FAQs:
1. It's recommended to verify the external links before adding them to Wikipedia: click on the "*" at the start of each link (see sample output).
2. The script is resource-intensive. It can take a few minutes for jobs to complete, in particular for longer Categories.
3. Internet Archive search strings are optimized to find the greatest number of books. In some cases these optimized searches can find 3x as many books compared to a basic search. Also, Internet Archive uses Protocol Relative URLs see WP:PRURL for more info.
4. {{Librivox author}} uses the "id=###" format (instead of "fname+lname"). This is more direct and there are cases where an author has multiple IDs and using a general name search won't find all the books. It's a limitation of LibriVox's database organization problems.
Contact: User:Green Cardamom/ELD
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