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Page views of pages containing files from "Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer" for 2013-11

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eswiki96,873Show/hide details of 43 pages
enwiki52,825Show/hide details of 16 pages
cawiki13,592Show/hide details of 157 pages
frwiki7,250Show/hide details of 9 pages
nlwiki2,243Show/hide details of 2 pages
plwiki1,775Show/hide details of 6 pages
itwiki1,566Show/hide details of 5 pages
dawiki864Show/hide details of 1 pages
ruwiki567Show/hide details of 4 pages
arwiki272Show/hide details of 1 pages
dewiki221Show/hide details of 3 pages
bgwiki200Show/hide details of 2 pages
ptwiki132Show/hide details of 1 pages
kowiki102Show/hide details of 1 pages
trwiki96Show/hide details of 2 pages
lawiki81Show/hide details of 2 pages
svwiki70Show/hide details of 1 pages
ukwiki18Show/hide details of 1 pages
iowiki9Show/hide details of 1 pages

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