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enwiki5,225,609Show/hide details of 680 pages
eswiki1,560,117Show/hide details of 139 pages
frwiki801,588Show/hide details of 208 pages
ptwiki617,557Show/hide details of 116 pages
dewiki441,333Show/hide details of 198 pages
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zhwiki138,989Show/hide details of 51 pages
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fawiki67,104Show/hide details of 31 pages
cswiki54,974Show/hide details of 82 pages
cawiki27,476Show/hide details of 58 pages
fiwiki25,006Show/hide details of 35 pages
nowiki23,146Show/hide details of 81 pages
hewiki20,561Show/hide details of 37 pages
bgwiki17,919Show/hide details of 37 pages
ukwiki15,405Show/hide details of 36 pages
kowiki8,440Show/hide details of 19 pages
dawiki6,758Show/hide details of 24 pages
tawiki1,221Show/hide details of 9 pages
cywiki667Show/hide details of 12 pages
tgwiki397Show/hide details of 4 pages

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