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Page views of pages containing files from "Files provided by the Museo del Bicentenario" for 2013-06

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in 2013-06
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eswiki864,689Show/hide details of 58 pages
enwiki412,722Show/hide details of 12 pages
dewiki5,245Show/hide details of 5 pages
itwiki3,667Show/hide details of 2 pages
plwiki653Show/hide details of 2 pages
frwiki590Show/hide details of 5 pages
ptwiki561Show/hide details of 2 pages
nlwiki302Show/hide details of 1 pages
jawiki280Show/hide details of 1 pages
ruwiki271Show/hide details of 3 pages
idwiki210Show/hide details of 2 pages
ukwiki197Show/hide details of 2 pages
bgwiki71Show/hide details of 1 pages
anwiki62Show/hide details of 1 pages
svwiki52Show/hide details of 2 pages
kawiki50Show/hide details of 2 pages
skwiki42Show/hide details of 1 pages
kowiki40Show/hide details of 1 pages
fiwiki23Show/hide details of 1 pages
hewiki16Show/hide details of 1 pages
yowiki13Show/hide details of 1 pages
ocwiki11Show/hide details of 1 pages
glwiki9Show/hide details of 1 pages
iowiki7Show/hide details of 1 pages

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