Huggle  build:^3366^3.3.3-58-gbc420f9
Todo List
Member Huggle::ApiQuery::Finished ()
This bellow needs to be fixed, rollback handling doesn't belong here
Class Huggle::ApiQueryResultNode
Currently value is provided even for nodes that shouldn't have it
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ConfigurationParse (QString key, QString content, QString missing="")
this parses the config a lot different than HG2 (here only one line, mising replaces...)
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ConfigurationParse_QL (QString key, QString content, QStringList list, bool CS=false)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ConfigurationParse_QL (QString key, QString content, bool CS=false)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ConfigurationParseQueueList (QString content, bool locked=false)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ConfigurationParseTrimmed_QL (QString key, QString content, bool CS=false, bool RemoveNull=false)
This function needs a unit test Provides a QList from a value that has items separated by commas, each item on a line. The trailing comma will be trimmed.
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::GetKeyFromValue (QString item)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::GetKeyOfWarningTypeFromWarningName (QString id, ProjectConfiguration *project_conf)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::GetNameOfWarningTypeFromWarningKey (QString key, ProjectConfiguration *project_conf)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::GetSummaryOfWarningTypeFromWarningKey (QString key, ProjectConfiguration *project_conf, UserConfiguration *user_conf=nullptr)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::GetValueFromKey (QString item)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ParsePatterns (QString text, WikiSite *site)
This function needs a unit test Parse a part patterns for score words
Member Huggle::HuggleParser::ParseWords (QString text, WikiSite *site)
This function needs a unit test
Member Huggle::Login::RetrieveWhitelist (WikiSite *site)
This needs to be handled per project, there is no point in disabling WL on all projects
Member Huggle::MainWindow::CheckEditableBrowserPage ()
Member Huggle::MainWindow::on_actionAbort_2_triggered ()

Localize me

Localize me

Member Huggle::MainWindow::on_actionClear_talk_page_of_user_triggered ()
Member Huggle::MainWindow::on_actionReport_username_triggered ()
Localize me
Member Huggle::MainWindow::OnTimerTick0 ()
Member Huggle::MainWindow::TimerCheckTPOnTick ()
Check this for every site we are logged to
Member Huggle::Message::Finish ()
Relocate this to different file later, it should be in main window, not in message handler for this has no use in SDK library
Member Huggle::Preferences::on_pushButton_5_clicked ()
Member Huggle::ProjectConfiguration::AutomaticallyResolveConflicts
This needs to be later used as a default value for user config, however it's not being ensured this value is loaded before the user config right now
Member Huggle::ProjectConfiguration::ConfirmTalk
move the following confirms to UserConfig, probably shouldn't read at all (initially) from ProjectConfig
Member Huggle::ProjectConfiguration::Patrolling
implement or remove: also commented out on configuration read/write
Member Huggle::ProjectConfiguration::RollbackSummary
use rollback summary at least at mw-rollback
Member Huggle::QueryPool::CheckQueries ()
The error checks should be implemented to make sure it really did this
Member Huggle::Resources::GetRandomProTip ()
Figure out why GetRandom returns 0 even if min is 1
Member Huggle::RevertQuery::ProcessRevert ()


this list needs to be sorted by RevID

Member Huggle::SessionForm::Reload (int x)
Member Huggle::SpeedyForm::processTags ()
make this cross wiki instead of checking random tag
Member Huggle::UAAReport::onTick ()

Check if user isn't already reported

Insert this to project config so that each project can have their own system here

Member Huggle::VandalNw::OnDisconnected ()
Member Huggle::VandalNw::OnIRCLoggedIn (libircclient::Parser *px)
Member Huggle::VandalNw::SafeHtml (QString text)

We should make a user list of other huggle users here

Share a version of your huggle with others in sane way


Class Huggle::WhitelistForm
Currently it kind of suck when displaying huge whitelist
Member Huggle::WikiPageTagsForm::ChangePage (WikiPage *wikipage)
Currently we parse the tags from diff instead of page text
Member Huggle::XmlUtils::FetchAllElementsByName (QDomDocument xmls, QString name)
Finish this