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"Fox and Goose" Capital, Wells Cathedral (3610768263).jpg
"The Bishop's Eye." Rose Window, Lincoln Cathedral (3610847477).jpg
"Twa Brigs o'Ayr," the Two Bridges of Ayr (3610695961).jpg
A street in Tórshavn. (4558877840).jpg
Abbot's Kitchen, Glastonbury (3611498570).jpg
Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens (3610679181).jpg
Bannockburn. The Bore Stone (3611596716).jpg
Beverley Minster. Inside West Door (3611666268).jpg
Bidboro Manor House (3611536528).jpg
Bishop's Palace, Exeter Cathedral (3610830005).jpg
Bishop Hooper Monument, Gloucester (3611500296).jpg
Bishop Ryder's Monument, Lichfield Cathedral (3611690396).jpg
Bristol. Church of Saint Mary Redcliffe (3611587784).jpg
Bruce Monument, Stirling (3610763107).jpg
Butter Cross, Winchester (3611505664).jpg
Cambridge. Clare College Dining Hall (Interior) (3610702209).jpg
Carlisle Cathedral, West Door (3610706771).jpg
Carvings of Heads in an Arcade from Windsor (3611500542).jpg
Chantry, York Minster (3610807529).jpg
Chichester Cathedral, Interior View (3610834811).jpg
Choir Screen, Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Salisbury (3610722629).jpg
Christ Church College Meadow Walk, Oxford (3610723817).jpg
Church at Wells (3611662148).jpg
Compton Castle, Devonshire (3611666734).jpg
Durham Cathedral, Altar Screen (3611537800).jpg
Eaton Hall. Ante-Drawing Room (3611573118).jpg
Edinburgh. Holyrood Palace, West Front (3611524502).jpg
Ely Cathedral. Choir and Nave, looking West (3610680833).jpg
English Tomb and Chapel (3610866151).jpg
Foxhill, Reading. Waterhouse's Own Residence (3610697685).jpg
Glasgow Cathedral. Crypt (Interior) (3611594532).jpg
Group of Faroe people at Trangisvaag. (4558229871).jpg
Guy's Cliff, Warwickshire (3611643634).jpg
Haddon Hall, Plan of Gardens (3610785245).jpg
Hatfield House, Plan of Grounds (3611498162).jpg
Hawarden, the Old Castle (3611555768).jpg
Hereford Cathedral, Lady Chapel (3610763763).jpg
Interior, Worcester Cathedral (3611501864).jpg
Klaksvik. (4558271531).jpg
Leamington, the Regent Hotel (3610874535).jpg
Ledbury Market House (3610782139).jpg
Leopold de Rothschild's Ascott House, Buckinghamshire (3611605868).jpg
Merkjárfoss, near Hlíðarendi. (4558246269).jpg
Noble Tree Cross, Hildenborough, Kent (3610791809).jpg
Norwich. Cathedral and Ruins (3611586496).jpg
Plans for Montacute House Park, Somersetshire (3610703263).jpg
Rosslyn Chapel, Ceiling of Chancel (3611492614).jpg
Sixteenth-century House (3611500710).jpg
Southwell Minster, Stonework Details (3610806569).jpg
St. Alban's Cathedral, South Porch. Capitals (3610760531).jpg
St. John's Church, Torquay (3610698751).jpg
Tonbridge. Elm Court (3610683875).jpg
Warwick Castle (3610700061).jpg
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