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201 Seward Place.JPG
301 Seward Place.jpg
319 Seward Place.jpg
Achilles Center.JPG
Alumni Gym Panorama.jpg
Arts Bldg Entrance.jpg
Arts Bldg angled.jpg
Arts Bldg angled.jpg
Arts Bldg from Nott.JPG
Bailey Field Bleachers.jpg
Bailey Field Panorama.jpg
Bailey Field at 50 yard line.JPG
Bailey Field from goalpost.JPG
Bailey Field from hill panorama.jpg
Bailey Field oblique view from hill 1.JPG
Bailey Field oblique view from hill 2.JPG
Beauth House.jpg
Blue House 1.jpg
Breazzano House 1.jpg
Davidson House.jpg
Davidson and Fox Houses.jpg
Davis House (219 Seward Place).jpg
Delack House (309 Seward Place).jpg
Engineering Lab.JPG
Environmental Health and Safety.JPG
Feigenbaum Hall 1.JPG
Feigenbaum Hall 2.JPG
Feigenbaum and Silliman.JPG
Gamma Phi Beta.jpg
Golub House.jpg
Grant Hall (rear).jpg
Grant Hall 1.JPG
Green House 1.jpg
Hale House.jpg
Human Resources (17 South Lane).JPG
Humanities Building.jpg
Jackson Garden 1.JPG
Jackson Garden 10.JPG
Jackson Garden 11.JPG
Jackson Garden 3.JPG
Jackson Garden 4.JPG
Jackson Garden 5.JPG
Jackson Garden 6.JPG
Jackson Garden 7.JPG
Jackson Garden 8.JPG
Jackson Garden 9.JPG
John Blair Smith House 1.jpg
John Blair Smith House 3.jpg
Language House A (207 Seward Place).jpg
Language House B (209 Seward Place).jpg
Memorial Chapel 1.JPG
Memorial Chapel 2.JPG
Memorial Chapel 3.jpg
Memorial Chapel 5.JPG
Memorial Chapel 8.JPG
Memorial Chapel cupola with fall leaves.jpg
Nott Ceiling.jpg
Nott Detail.JPG
Nott From Below (Landscape).JPG
Nott NHL Plaque.JPG
Nott NW Landscape.JPG
Nott SE 1.JPG
Nott SE 2.JPG
Nott SE Landscape.JPG
Nott SW.jpg
Nott Sun Behind 1.jpg
Nott Sun Behind 3.JPG
Nott and Chapel.JPG
Nott and Reamer.JPG
Nott and West College.JPG
Nott behind leaves 1.JPG
Nott from South Lane.JPG
Oblique Nott Sun Behind.JPG
Oblique cupola.jpg
Olin Panorama.jpg
Olin and Engineering.JPG
Olin obscured.JPG
Phi Delta Theta.JPG
Potter House 1.jpg
Raymond House.jpg
Reamer 1.JPG
Reamer 2.JPG
Reamer 3.JPG
Reamer 4.JPG
Reamer from grass (landscape).JPG
Richmond House.jpg
Science and Engineering Center.jpg
Seneca House (215 Seward Place).jpg
Silliman Hall 1.JPG
Silliman Hall 2.JPG
Soccer players at Bailey Field.JPG
Social Sciences Building.jpg
Sorum House 1.jpg
Straight on 1.JPG
Straight on 2.jpg
Symposium (233 Seward Place).jpg
Theta Delta Xi.jpg
Tree Silouette.jpg
Union Banner 1.JPG
Union Memorial Fieldhouse 1.JPG
Viniar Panorama.jpg
Viniar sign.JPG
Webster House 1.jpg
Wells House.JPG
Wold Engineering Center Construction Panorama.jpg
Wold House.jpg
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