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Name : Skalman

User ID : 2091

Registered : 2 February 2006

Total editcount : 2,479

Global groups : none

Hidden / Locked : No

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List of local accounts
Local wiki Links Registered Edit count Local groups
acewiki user, talk, edits 138546046426 November 2013 0
afwiktionary user, talk, edits 132788826530 January 2012 0
anwiktionary user, talk, edits 12678289165 March 2010 0
arwikinews user, talk, edits 124829951422 July 2009 1
arwiktionary user, talk, edits 138443380314 November 2013 0
arzwiki user, talk, edits 12360188892 March 2009 0
azwiki user, talk, edits 138320566031 October 2013 0
azwiktionary user, talk, edits 138553942927 November 2013 0
bclwiki user, talk, edits 126339324813 January 2010 0
bdwikimedia user, talk, edits 138535823725 November 2013 1
bewiki user, talk, edits 144094163730 August 2015 0
bgwiki user, talk, edits 126323101311 January 2010 0
bgwiktionary user, talk, edits 132752101025 January 2012 0
brwikimedia user, talk, edits 12784350646 July 2010 0
brwiktionary user, talk, edits 132788980530 January 2012 0
bswiktionary user, talk, edits 121636938618 July 2008 0
cawiktionary user, talk, edits 121959240524 August 2008 0
cebwiki user, talk, edits 13757783946 August 2013 0
ckbwiki user, talk, edits 15201935144 March 2018 0
cowiktionary user, talk, edits 132788848030 January 2012 0
cswiki user, talk, edits 15182135879 February 2018 0
cswiktionary user, talk, edits 121958994524 August 2008 6
cvwiki user, talk, edits 136432438726 March 2013 0
cywiki user, talk, edits 13753435381 August 2013 0
cywiktionary user, talk, edits 132788848730 January 2012 0
dawiki user, talk, edits 123341070731 January 2009 0
dawiktionary user, talk, edits 12123504181 June 2008 13
dewikibooks user, talk, edits 138535818725 November 2013 1
dewiktionary user, talk, edits 121641722518 July 2008 10
elwiki user, talk, edits 149821715023 June 2017 0
elwiktionary user, talk, edits 121942222622 August 2008 0
enwiki user, talk, edits 114034166319 February 2006 219
enwikibooks user, talk, edits 121310172110 June 2008 0
enwikinews user, talk, edits 121222555231 May 2008 13
enwikiquote user, talk, edits 121660016021 July 2008 0
enwikisource user, talk, edits 12153008695 July 2008 2
enwikivoyage user, talk, edits 135402809527 November 2012 0
enwiktionary user, talk, edits 116117975818 October 2006 131
eowiki user, talk, edits 115058497017 June 2006 14
eowikibooks user, talk, edits 122910286412 December 2008 0
eowiktionary user, talk, edits 116360608215 November 2006 7
eswiktionary user, talk, edits 121905551018 August 2008 1
etwiki user, talk, edits 144094076530 August 2015 101
etwiktionary user, talk, edits 13201762111 November 2011 0
extwiki user, talk, edits 15182142849 February 2018 0
fiu_vrowiki user, talk, edits 135376294024 November 2012 0
fiwiki user, talk, edits 126334216313 January 2010 13
fiwikibooks user, talk, edits 13573416084 January 2013 0
frwikibooks user, talk, edits 127185138821 April 2010 0
hsbwiki user, talk, edits 121649940919 July 2008 1
hywiki user, talk, edits 144094034930 August 2015 0
ilowiki user, talk, edits 138545861226 November 2013 0
iowiki user, talk, edits 121222278431 May 2008 0
itwiki user, talk, edits 136319097213 March 2013 0
kawiki user, talk, edits 144093817330 August 2015 0
krcwiki user, talk, edits 138545937426 November 2013 0
lawiki user, talk, edits 121951413823 August 2008 0
loginwiki user, talk, edits 137447519322 July 2013 0
mlwiki user, talk, edits 12784351516 July 2010 0
ndswiki user, talk, edits 124016057919 April 2009 0
nlwiki user, talk, edits 121650622819 July 2008 1
nnwiki user, talk, edits 121222254931 May 2008 0
nowiki user, talk, edits 121222246731 May 2008 0
ocwiki user, talk, edits 126671083921 February 2010 0
plwiki user, talk, edits 12075088346 April 2008 1
ptwiki user, talk, edits 149779616918 June 2017 0
sawiki user, talk, edits 138234906221 October 2013 0
scwiki user, talk, edits 138557139227 November 2013 0
sewiki user, talk, edits 12208285917 September 2008 0
sewikimedia user, talk, edits 139039151722 January 2014 1
shwiki user, talk, edits 121218121130 May 2008 0
simplewiki user, talk, edits 123544717424 February 2009 1
slwiki user, talk, edits 151824807610 February 2018 0
sourceswiki user, talk, edits 123229647218 January 2009 0
sowiki user, talk, edits 138715484616 December 2013 0
specieswiki user, talk, edits 123229704218 January 2009 0
sqwiki user, talk, edits 139310416822 February 2014 0
srwiki user, talk, edits 129219399212 December 2010 0
stwiki user, talk, edits 122773267926 November 2008 0
svwiki user, talk, edits 11388995482 February 2006 1938
svwikibooks user, talk, edits 121310203610 June 2008 0
svwikinews user, talk, edits 121673883922 July 2008 0
svwikiquote user, talk, edits 121660030421 July 2008 2
swwiki user, talk, edits 126334203113 January 2010 0
tawiki user, talk, edits 15098329824 November 2017 1
test2wiki user, talk, edits 131643670719 September 2011 0
testwiki user, talk, edits 121637312118 July 2008 0
tlwiki user, talk, edits 125055046517 August 2009 0
trwiki user, talk, edits 151825325510 February 2018 0
urwiki user, talk, edits 144094160630 August 2015 0
warwiki user, talk, edits 138979125915 January 2014 0
zhwiki user, talk, edits 123730676117 March 2009 0
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There are no unattached account with this username.

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