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The main idea of the Link Extractor is to measure the completeness of articles by comparing the links contained in different language versions of that article. Based on this analysis the Link Extractor deduces which concepts and terms should be covered by this Wikipedia article. In doing so, it indicates which information and links may be missing in the article. Moreover, the Link Extractor lists Wikipedia articles that do not exist in a certain language version even though they exist in others.

The Link Extractor is incorporated in the Article Monitor. The respective analysis can be accessed via a link in the results window of the Article Monitor.


In this example, the English Wikipedia article about the city of Flensburg has been analyzed. The article about the district of "M├╝rwik" does not exist in the English Wikipedia. In addition, the term "Thirty Years' War" has its own article in the English Wikipedia but it is not from the article about Flensburg. There are articles and links for both terms "Anglos" and "Danfoss."

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