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First edit: Jan 25, 2014 22:50:55
User groups: *, user, autoconfirmed
Unique Pages Edited: 14
Average edits per page: 2.93
Live edits: 41
Deleted edits: 0
Total edits (including deleted): 41
Executed in 1.85 seconds.

Monthly Namespace Edit Breakdown:

2014/01 Namespace Edit count Percentage
User 9 100%
Total 9 100%
2014/02 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Main 2 6.9%
Talk 3 10.34%
User 15 51.72%
User talk 9 31.03%
Total 29 100%
2014/03 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Main 1 33.33%
User 1 33.33%
User talk 1 33.33%
Total 3 100%
2014/04 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Total 0 0%
2014/05 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Total 0 0%
2014/06 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Total 0 0%
2014/07 Namespace Edit count Percentage
Total 0 0%
Color Namespace
User talk
Wikipedia talk
File talk
MediaWiki talk
Template talk
Help talk
Category talk
Portal talk
Book talk
Draft talk
Education Program
Education Program talk
TimedText talk
Module talk

Top 10 Most Edited Pages by Namespace:


  1. Columbus, New Mexico — 2
  2. Deming Public Schools — 1


  1. Lead contamination in Oakland — 2
  2. Carnegie Library (Roswell, New Mexico) — 1


  1. Hectorm07/sandbox — 19
  2. Hectorm07/sandbox/February 7 draft edit or article — 4
  3. Joeatnmsu/sandbox — 1
  4. Hectorm07 — 1

User talk

  1. Hectorm07 — 3
  2. BrantDaMerc/sandbox/February 7 Draft edit or article — 2
  3. Xaleman87/sandbox/february 7 draft edit or article — 2
  4. Kevin Gorman — 1
  5. Xaleman87 — 1
  6. BrantDaMerc — 1

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do some of the tabs not show up for certain users?
    A: This is because some users have chosen not to opt in to additional statistics, or have chosen to opt out. Only they can choose whether they want that information public or not.
  2. Why was X!'s Edit Counter replaced with this tool?
    A: X!'s edit counter was old. On top of that, it used old PHP functions that were deprecated and leaked memory. This is partially responsible for the outages happening on xtools. The code had a lot of hacky fixes in it as well. At this point a complete rewrite was a more favorable option.
  3. What is the opt requirement for this wiki?
    A: For, to view detailed statistics, no optin is required.
  4. Why can't I choose to opt in or opt out to control what data can be displayed?
    A: This specific wiki has no support for optin or optout.
  5. Some optin requirements are different for certain wikis. Why?
    A: That is because the local consensus wishes to have it that way. If you feel your wiki would favor to change the opt requirements, all you have to do is initiate a Request for Comments on that wiki and notify Cyberpower678 of the discussion. When starting a request for comments, please allow users to choose one of three options. Require opt-in, require opt-out, or no opt requirement at all.
  6. Some namespace percentages are small and have been grouped with the "Others" section of the piechart. How do I view the namespaces?
    A: Click on any wedge to view a complete list. Click on the same wedge to hide it.
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