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Below are listed pairs of very similar redirects that have very different targets. Entries will be automatically removed from the list when either of the redirects is modified.
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Bull Fighting (TV series)Bull Fighting Bull fightingBullfightingwhitelist
Vector processorArray processor Array ProcessorArray processingwhitelist
List of recurring The Simpsons charactersSqueaky-Voiced Teen Squeaky-voiced TeenPubertywhitelist
Video gameVideogames VideoGamesVideoGames & Computer Entertainmentwhitelist
Rock and rollRock 'n' Roll music Rock 'n' Roll MusicRock and Roll Musicwhitelist
High-speed railHigh speed train High Speed TrainInterCity 125whitelist
Electoral College (United States)Electoral Vote Electoral voteElectoral collegewhitelist
Klingon starshipsBird-of-Prey Bird-of-preyBird of preywhitelist
Students' unionStudents Union Students unionStudent unionwhitelist
Alien abductionUFO abduction UFO ABDUCTIONUFO Abduction (film)whitelist
Rules of engagementRules of Engagement Rules Of EngagementRules of Engagement (disambiguation)whitelist
7th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)Desert Rats Desert RATSDesert Research and Technology Studieswhitelist
Desert ratDesert rats Desert RATSDesert Research and Technology Studieswhitelist
List of country calling codesCalling code Calling CodeTelephone numbering planwhitelist
Rock and Roll MusicRock and roll music Rock and Roll musicRock and rollwhitelist
Mind sportMind sports Mind SportsGame of skillwhitelist
The Elephant Man (disambiguation)The elephant man The Elephant ManJoseph Merrickwhitelist
LawLegal theory Legal TheoryJurisprudencewhitelist
Responsible drug useResponsible Drug User's Oath Responsible drug user's oathRecreational drug usewhitelist
Soggy biscuitLimp biscuit Limp BiscuitLimp Bizkitwhitelist
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