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This tool lists articles in a Wikipedia that contain interlanguage links to several other wikis, but do not link to a particular Wikipedia.
Find articles in the Wikipedia with at least inter-language links but that do not link to the Wikipedia.
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en:Atlas (disambiguation)58 links
en:Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit51 links
en:Coffea62 links
en:Carnivore74 links
en:Centripetal force62 links
en:Dictator64 links
en:Diplomatic mission50 links
en:Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk52 links
en:Google Search74 links
en:Gate51 links
en:James Bond79 links
en:Lego52 links
en:OSI model61 links
en:Philosopher57 links
en:Property60 links
en:Standard Chinese52 links
en:Primary school61 links
en:Ramadan99 links
en:Rooster72 links
en:Swimming93 links
en:Ski54 links
en:Spectrum51 links
en:Titan52 links
en:Vaccination66 links
en:Wing68 links
en:Whale67 links
en:509 BC63 links
en:821123 links
en:586 BC57 links
en:203856 links
en:525 BC60 links
en:2020s64 links
en:2030s52 links
en:Finger53 links
en:Millet59 links
en:1161123 links
en:Playwright69 links
en:Manufacturing52 links
en:1138125 links
en:Resonance56 links
en:1064123 links
en:753 BC56 links
en:266115 links
en:Parasitism66 links
en:Genre58 links
en:Indigenous peoples72 links
en:585 BC58 links
en:369115 links
en:String instrument64 links
en:536 BC52 links
en:Swan116 links
en:Famine68 links
en:500 BC66 links
en:Etiquette55 links
en:Provinces of South Africa54 links
en:203070 links
en:Forestry59 links
en:Dicotyledon66 links
en:203254 links
en:203554 links
en:203753 links
en:203454 links
en:Falun Gong53 links
en:Triglav54 links
en:538 BC56 links
en:Mango84 links
en:Blood pressure73 links
en:Plum53 links
en:Belgian Congo50 links
en:Provinces of the Netherlands52 links
en:Bacteriology50 links
en:Observatory57 links
en:Cassowary54 links
en:501 BC59 links
en:502 BC57 links
en:503 BC55 links
en:504 BC56 links
en:505 BC56 links
en:507 BC55 links
en:506 BC55 links
en:508 BC55 links
en:510 BC62 links
en:Reșița50 links
en:Alcatraz Island55 links
en:Prairie53 links
en:Pinophyta70 links
en:OpenOffice.org58 links
en:547 BC58 links
en:Image67 links
en:560 BC52 links
en:Provinces and territories of Canada61 links
en:Mermaid69 links
en:551 BC56 links
en:Periodic function51 links
en:Right angle53 links
en:546 BC65 links
en:512 BC55 links
en:513 BC56 links
en:514 BC55 links
en:515 BC57 links
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