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PageTime since last edit
Doug Beattie, British Army Officer8 days 21 hours
Borscht8 days 2 hours
List of Darlington F.C. players (1–24 appearances)8 days 2 hours
Huawei P88 days 1 hour
Topu7 days 23 hours
Korede Bello7 days 22 hours
List of Wales national football team hat-tricks7 days 22 hours
Tieta (telenovela)7 days 20 hours
Corpo a Corpo7 days 20 hours
List of Malaysian State Assembly Representatives (2004–08)7 days 17 hours
List of Malaysian State Assembly Representatives (1995–99)7 days 6 hours
Abdul Rauf Abdulkarim Shaikh,6 days 18 hours
Electric Eden6 days 18 hours
List of streets in the 1st arrondissement of Paris6 days 14 hours
South Serbia (1919–22)5 days 18 hours
Utica greens5 days 16 hours
Versata Development Group, Inc. v. SAP America, Inc.5 days 2 hours
J. Reid Maxwell4 days 23 hours
The Voice of China (season 3)4 days 22 hours
SMS Mars (1879)4 days 16 hours
Tholar4 days 16 hours
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam4 days 16 hours
Heidrun Hartmann4 days 15 hours
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital4 days 14 hours
.ks3 days 20 hours
Aqua Fish3 days 18 hours
Dollhouse (Melanie Martinez EP)3 days 14 hours
Asset Trader3 days 11 hours
Malibu tile3 days 9 hours
The Sock Knitter3 days
The Baddest (Davido album)2 days 19 hours
List of state highways in Missouri2 days 16 hours
Jewish Socialist Federation2 days 14 hours
List of music software2 days 11 hours
Dawoodi Bohra2 days 4 hours
John V of Portugal1 day 19 hours
Constantine Mesopotamites1 day 18 hours
DOCK8 deficiency1 day 16 hours
List of Colombian football transfers 20151 day 14 hours
Debut (Björk album)1 day 14 hours
Dublin City Council election, 19911 day 11 hours
Bart Williams (actor)1 day 10 hours
Emotion (Carly Rae Jepsen album)1 day 10 hours
List of unofficial Mario media1 day 9 hours
67th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards1 day 9 hours
2015 Premios Tu Mundo1 day 9 hours
Yoru no Nai Kuni1 day 7 hours
Sparkle (2012 film)1 day 6 hours
Stacy Piagno1 day 5 hours
Sixteenth Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh1 day 2 hours
Outline of Haryana1 day 1 hour
Voigt effect1 day 1 hour
Exploration of Pluto1 day
New Game Plus23 hours
Death of Joy Gardner22 hours
Foundations of Computational Mathematics22 hours
Takeshi Murata22 hours
Standard Oil Co. v. United States (Standard Stations)19 hours
Embargo against Northern Cyprus19 hours
Inna (album)19 hours
Climate of Argentina18 hours
Bright School and College18 hours
Agent X (Brand)16 hours
Mariner 1015 hours
Benjamín Nahum15 hours
Fundraising for the 2016 United States presidential election13 hours
List of Heart of Midlothian F.C. players13 hours
Bitch Better Have My Money12 hours
The Magician's Apprentice (Doctor Who)12 hours
Fingal County Council election, 199111 hours
The Witch's Familiar9 hours
Mohammad Khan Qajar9 hours
2001 Freightliner/G.I. Joes 2006 hours
List of Switzerland football transfers summer 20155 hours
The Voice of China (season 4)5 hours
Wessex5 hours
Chagai-I5 hours
Fact checker3 hours
List of Theta Phi Alpha chapters3 hours
Calling All Lovers3 hours
Outline of Bihar1 hour
Harry M. Wegeforth1 hour
Beyond Star Trek1 hour
Patron saints of occupations and activitiesless than an hour
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