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PageTime since last edit
Arequipa9 days 11 hours
Ampay8 days 11 hours
Huaguruncho mountain range8 days 11 hours
2000 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Doubles7 days 23 hours
John A. K. Donovan7 days 18 hours
Outline of the Cold War7 days 17 hours
Greeley Masonic Temple6 days 22 hours
Healy House Museum6 days 22 hours
Inez Johnson Lewis School6 days 22 hours
Main Avenue Historic District (Durango, Colorado)6 days 22 hours
Midwest Steel and Iron Works Company Complex6 days 22 hours
Peterson House (Lakewood, Colorado)6 days 22 hours
Pleasant Valley School (Bellvue, Colorado)6 days 22 hours
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (Denver, Colorado)6 days 22 hours
Louis Lemercier de Neuville6 days 22 hours
Bowles House (Westminster, Colorado)6 days 22 hours
List of Alien characters6 days 13 hours
Charles H. Stickney House6 days 12 hours
Symphony No. 3 (Madetoja)5 days 11 hours
Symphony No. 1 (Madetoja)5 days 11 hours
1998 Chiefs season5 days 5 hours
Linaclotide5 days 4 hours
Sarah Murray (ice hockey)5 days 1 hour
John C. Webb5 days 1 hour
2015–16 Toronto Marlies season5 days
2016–17 Russian Premier League4 days 20 hours
Kathryn H. Stone4 days 20 hours
Salmon problem4 days 20 hours
Recognition of same-sex unions in Australia4 days 14 hours
Yuriko Yamaguchi (voice actress)3 days 23 hours
Hinata Hyuga3 days 20 hours
List of compositions by Leevi Madetoja3 days 19 hours
List of massacres in Iraq3 days 19 hours
List of antineoplastic agent brand names3 days 18 hours
Communism in Russia3 days 15 hours
List of queens regnant3 days 5 hours
Suffer in Peace2 days 23 hours
Allie Novak2 days 19 hours
Cabcharge Australia Ltd2 days 19 hours
William E. R. Covell2 days 15 hours
Metro Local2 days 13 hours
Dorothy Shoemaker McDiarmid2 days 1 hour
Qarabağ FK in European football2 days 1 hour
Scotiabank Theatre1 day 21 hours
Filip Bandžak1 day 17 hours
List of lighthouses in the United States1 day 15 hours
Mandalorian1 day 13 hours
Love Make the World Go Round1 day 12 hours
Keystone Work Center1 day 9 hours
Odd Fellows Building (Casper, Wyoming)1 day 9 hours
Oleksandr Miroshnikov1 day 9 hours
Leevi Madetoja1 day 2 hours
Yuri Lowenthal1 day 2 hours
Finley Peter Dunne1 day 1 hour
Gouvia18 hours
Flags of country subdivisions (Oceania)16 hours
Okon Fuoko16 hours
Visual arts of Sri Lanka14 hours
Education in Alberta13 hours
Elegia (Madetoja)13 hours
Jim Reno13 hours
Michael Mirolla12 hours
Symphony No. 2 (Madetoja)12 hours
Outline of Egypt10 hours
List of compositions by Franz Liszt10 hours
H. Dunlop Dawbarn9 hours
Ignasi Aballì8 hours
2016–17 Scottish League Cup Group stage8 hours
Regular Diatonic Tunings7 hours
July 2016 North China cyclone3 hours
Count On Me (Bruno Mars song)3 hours
Outline of Bangkok3 hours
Jazmine Smith3 hours
List of Archaeological Protected Monuments in Kurunegala District2 hours
List of cities in India by population1 hour
Amanda Benoit-Wark1 hour
List of state leaders in the 9th centuryless than an hour
Portsmouthless than an hour
Cordillera Blancaless than an hour
Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!less than an hour
Delta Partners Groupless than an hour
Fiverrlogoless than an hour
Taylor Swiftless than an hour
Black Riders Liberation Partyless than an hour
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