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PageTime since last edit
Jonathan Ruffer7 days 12 hours
Saint Joseph's Academy (Las Piñas City, Philippines)6 days 20 hours
Coins of the Newfoundland dollar6 days 19 hours
Yui Horie6 days 6 hours
Destroyed Serbian heritage in Kosovo6 days 2 hours
Jesse Ramsden5 days 17 hours
Ernie Chambers5 days 13 hours
Pawan Kumar Goenka5 days 12 hours
List of Serbian Revolutionaries5 days 7 hours
List of United States television markets5 days 5 hours
National Commercial Bank Mauritius4 days 11 hours
Linear ion trap4 days
Chinese Progressive Association3 days 15 hours
Sandra Suh3 days 5 hours
Bodyweight exercise3 days 1 hour
Zella Day3 days
Fragmentation (mass spectrometry)2 days 23 hours
Outline of brain mapping2 days 20 hours
Outline of the human brain2 days 20 hours
Hassan El-Sallabi2 days 9 hours
Yevgeni Preobrazhensky2 days 8 hours
Tech LadyMafia2 days 8 hours
Stojan Koruba2 days 5 hours
Terentii Shtykov2 days 4 hours
List of Rhythm Heaven Rhythm Games2 days 3 hours
Saint John's International School (Malaysia)1 day 19 hours
Association of Mutual Funds of India1 day 18 hours
Gujarati people1 day 17 hours
Bandar Seri Begawan1 day 15 hours
Stafford Heginbotham1 day 13 hours
Kyle Hebert1 day 12 hours
Bernice Steadman1 day 10 hours
List of Monster High characters1 day 6 hours
Gus Borgeest1 day 5 hours
Miri, Malaysia1 day 5 hours
Criticism of Facebook1 day 5 hours
The Knightsbridge Apartments1 day 3 hours
Critical Perspectives on Accounting1 day 1 hour
Thierry Peugeot1 day
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951 film)1 day
Pierre Belon Lapisse1 day
Chetniks in the Balkan Wars22 hours
Joseph Michael Levry21 hours
Criticism of Rede Globo21 hours
List of programs broadcast by TVes20 hours
December 195020 hours
King Shaka International Airport18 hours
Thorcon17 hours
Rail transport in Switzerland17 hours
List of high-speed railway lines17 hours
Virat Kohli16 hours
Nitasha Kaul16 hours
Halo: The Master Chief Collection16 hours
List of highest-grossing animated films15 hours
Treasure (Bruno Mars song)14 hours
Nightmare on Grace Street14 hours
Death of Andrew Sadek13 hours
Bengal Film Journalists' Association – Best Films12 hours
Neurobiological effects of physical exercise11 hours
BMW i310 hours
California Dreamin' (All the Cleves are Brown)10 hours
MacBook (2015 version)9 hours
Media in Alexandria, Louisiana8 hours
The Hangover: Part Tubbs8 hours
Karin Miyamoto7 hours
Kanna Hashimoto7 hours
Seishunfu7 hours
The Middle Management (Josei Chūkan Kanrishoku) / Gamusha Life / Tsugi no Kado o Magare7 hours
Aika Hirota7 hours
Anna Murashige7 hours
Karen Strassman7 hours
Restoration (Scotland)6 hours
Hello Pro Kenshusei3 hours
John Samuel Swire3 hours
Sweet as Sugar (Grinspoon song)2 hours
Jerusalem2 hours
Inlet ionization1 hour
Steven Blum1 hour
United States v. Washington1 hour
John Anthony Swire1 hour
Grace Oyelude1 hour
Operation Masher1 hour
Nylon 46less than an hour
Lekki Conservation Centreless than an hour
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