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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Şirvan şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 150
Abdabad, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Ak Kale, Shirvan (create)
Alaşlı (create)
Alhas (create)
Ali Han Kale (create)
Allahabad Olya (create)
Allahabad Sofla (create)
Amirabad (create)
Amiriye, North Khorasan (create)
Aşağı Borzelan (create)
Aşağı Kulanlı (create)
Aşağı Milanlı (create)
Aşağı Sir Separanlı (create)
Aşağı Şanaki (create)
Bademlik (create)
Baghan (create)
Bahş (edit)
Bahşlar (create)
Bağ, North Khorasan (create)
Berzali (create)
Berzu (create)
Beyk (create)
Bi Bahre (create)
Bolkan Olya (create)
Bolkan Sofla (create)
Borzolabad (create)
Buanlı (create)
Burç Zevelfakar (create)
Canga, North Khorasan (create)
Chalu (create)
Ciristan dehistanı (create)
Dadeh Han (create)
Devin (create)
Devledanlı (create)
Do Ab, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Dulu, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Fecirabad, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Feyzabad (edit)
Germab, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Gugeli (create)
Gülyan (create)
Gülyan dehistanı (create)
Güzel Hisar, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Hadami Fecirabad (create)
Halaclı (create)
Helva Çeşme (create)
Hesar, North Khorasan (create)
Hisar Devin (create)
Hisar Huname (create)
Hisar Pehlivanlı (create)
Huname (create)
Huvme dehistanı (create)
Hürremabad, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Hüseyinabad, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Kakoli, North Khorasan (create)
Kalate Bali (create)
Kalate Hendi (create)
Kalateh-ye Zaman, North Khorasan (create)
Kale Beyg Kara Çeşme (create)
Kale Hasan, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Kale Nazar Ali (create)
Kale Nazar Muhammed (create)
Kale Çeh, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Kaltamanlı (create)
Kheyrabad, Shirvan (create)
Koppoz (create)
Kurdanlı (create)
Kurkanlı Sofla (create)
Kuse (create)
Kuynanlı Bamir (create)
Kuşhane Bala dehistanı (create)
Kuşhane Pain dehistanı (create)
Kuşhane bahşı (create)
Malvanlı (create)
Margzar (create)
Meşhed Torki Olya (create)
Meşhed Torki Sofla (create)
Molla Bakır (create)
Muhammed Durailı (create)
Nakdu (create)
Namanlı (create)
Ovgaz Kohne (create)
Ovgaz Taze (create)
Palkanlı Bala (create)
Palkanlı Pain (create)
Pas Kuh (create)
Pir Şahid (create)
Pire, Shirvan (create)
Pirudanlı (create)
Qale Ali Mohammad (create)
Qolhak Olya (create)
Qolhak Sofla (create)
Rahimabad, Şirvan (create)
Raşvanlı (create)
Rezmigan (create)
Robat, North Khorasan (create)
Rızaabad, Huvme (create)
Sarani, Iran (create)
Sardab, North Khorasan (create)
Senced, North Khorasan (create)
Sengçin (create)
Ser Çeşme (create)
Serhad bahşı (create)
Serkanlı (create)
Sevaldi (create)
Sivkanlı dehistanı (create)
Sokke (create)
Sorh Zu (create)
Taftazan (create)
Taht, North Khorasan (create)
Teberiyan (create)
Tekmeran dehistanı (create)
Tenasvan (create)
Tukur (create)
Tupkanlı (create)
Turanlı (create)
Ulu, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Varaki (create)
Verg (create)
Yan Bulak (create)
Yasrabad (create)
Yengi Qaleh Bala (create)
Yengi Qaleh Pain (create)
Yukarı Borzelan (create)
Yukarı Kulanlı (create)
Yukarı Kurkanlı (create)
Yukarı Milanlı (create)
Yukarı Sir Separanlı (create)
Yukarı Şanaki (create)
Yönetim merkezi (edit)
Zaferabad (create)
Zartanlı (create)
Zavarom (create)
Zavarom dehistanı (create)
Zeydar, North Khorasan (create)
Zindanlı (create)
Zirkuh Gaduganlı (create)
Zu, North Khorasan (create)
Çapanlı (create)
Çarme (create)
Çukanlı (create)
Çurçuri (create)
İran (edit)
İsterhi (create)
Şirabad, Şirvan (create)
Şirvan merkezi bahşı (create)
Şovkabad, Kuzey Horasan (create)
Şurik Abdabad (create)
Şükranlı, Huvme (create)
Şükranlı, Sivkanlı (create)


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