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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Ağrı belde ve köyleri (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 96
Ahmetbey, Ağrı (create)
Akbulgur, Ağrı (create)
Akçay, Ağrı (create)
Altınçayır, Ağrı (create)
Anakaya, Ağrı (create)
Arakonak, Ağrı (create)
Aslangazi, Ağrı (create)
Ağılbaşı, Ağrı (create)
Aşağıağadeve, Ağrı (create)
Aşağıdürmeli, Ağrı (create)
Aşağıkent, Ağrı (create)
Aşağıküpkıran, Ağrı (edit)
Aşağısaklıca, Ağrı (create)
Aşağıyoldüzü, Ağrı (create)
Aşkale, Ağrı (create)
Badıllı, Ağrı (create)
Balkaynak, Ağrı (create)
Ballıbostan, Ağrı (create)
Baloluk, Ağrı (create)
Balıksu, Ağrı (create)
Başkent, Ağrı (create)
Başçavuş, Ağrı (create)
Bezirhane, Ağrı (create)
Beşbulak, Ağrı (create)
Beşiktepe, Ağrı (create)
Boztoprak, Ağrı (create)
Bölükbaşı, Ağrı (create)
Cumaçay, Ağrı (edit)
Dedemaksut, Ağrı (create)
Dogutepe, Ağrı (create)
Dumanlı, Ağrı (create)
Dönerdere, Ağrı (create)
Eliaçık, Ağrı (create)
Esenköy, Ağrı (create)
Eskiharman, Ağrı (edit)
Eğribelen, Ağrı (create)
Geçitalan, Ağrı (create)
Gümüşyazı, Ağrı (create)
Güneysu, Ağrı (create)
Güvendik, Ağrı (create)
Güvenli, Ağrı (create)
Hacısefer, Ağrı (create)
Hanoba, Ağrı (create)
Hıdır, Ağrı (create)
Kalender, Ağrı (create)
Karasu, Ağrı (create)
Kavacık, Ağrı (create)
Kavakköy, Ağrı (create)
Kayabey, Ağrı (create)
Kazlı, Ağrı (create)
Kocataş, Ağrı (create)
Kovancık, Ağrı (create)
Koçbaşı, Ağrı (create)
Kumlugeçit, Ağrı (create)
Mollaali, Ağrı (create)
Mollaosman, Ağrı (create)
Murathan, Ağrı (create)
Orakent, Ağrı (create)
Ortayokuş, Ağrı (create)
Ozanlar, Ağrı (create)
Pamuktaş, Ağrı (create)
Sabuncu, Ağrı (create)
Sarıca, Ağrı (create)
Sarıdoğan, Ağrı (create)
Sarıharman, Ağrı (create)
Sarıtaş, Ağrı (create)
Sağırtaş, Ağrı (create)
Soğanköy, Ağrı (create)
Suçatağı, Ağrı (edit)
Söğütlü, Ağrı (create)
Taypınar, Ağrı (create)
Taştekne, Ağrı (create)
Tellisırt, Ağrı (edit)
Tezeren, Ağrı (edit)
Uzunveli, Ağrı (create)
Uçarkaya, Ağrı (create)
Yakınca, Ağrı (create)
Yalnızkonak, Ağrı (create)
Yaylaköy, Ağrı (create)
Yazıcı, Ağrı (create)
Yoncalı, Ağrı (edit)
Yorgunsöğüt, Ağrı (create)
Yukarıdürmeli, Ağrı (create)
Yukarıküpkıran, Ağrı (create)
Yukarıpamuktaş, Ağrı (create)
Yukarısaklıca, Ağrı (create)
Yukarıyoldüzü, Ağrı (create)
Yurtpınar, Ağrı (create)
Yığnıtepe, Ağrı (edit)
Ziyaret, Ağrı (create)
Çakıroba, Ağrı (create)
Çamurlu, Ağrı (create)
Çatalipaşa, Ağrı (create)
Çayırköy, Ağrı (create)
Çobanbeyi, Ağrı (create)
Çukuralan, Ağrı (edit)


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