Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Abadan şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Mollasani (edit)

Total: 80
Abtar (create)
Albuebadi (create)
Araze (create)
Arvendkenar bahşı (create)
Baçaçere Olya (create)
Dalge (create)
Dervişiye (create)
Ebu Abud (create)
Ebu Araze (create)
Ebu Direh (create)
Ebu Gizlan (create)
Ebu Hazravi (create)
Ebu Okab (create)
Ebu Sadreyn (create)
Ebu Şakar (create)
Ebu Şanak (create)
Elbu Hamid (create)
Faruk Pey (create)
Fayazi (create)
Güney Bahmanşir dehistanı (create)
Hazalabad (create)
Her Here (create)
IRIB Transmitting Station (create)
Kofas (create)
Kut-e Şannuf (create)
Kuzey Bahmanşir dehistanı (create)
Malake (create)
Minubar dehistanı (create)
Mogheytiye (create)
Nahi (create)
Nakşe-ye Nasar (create)
Nakşeh-ye Hir (create)
Nasar dehistanı (create)
Nehr-e Ebu Şanak (create)
Nehr-e Kut (create)
Nehr-e Salim (create)
Nehr-i Afadeleh (create)
Nehr-i Ariz (create)
Nehr-i Azrak (create)
Nehr-i Ebu Azim (create)
Nehr-i Ebu Dahan (create)
Nehr-i Ebu Felfel (create)
Nehr-i El Masadi (create)
Nehr-i Hamid (create)
Nehr-i Homeyse (create)
Nehr-i Kerim (create)
Nehr-i Kut (create)
Nehr-i Mescid (create)
Nehr-i Mohoseyn (create)
Nehr-i Moçri (create)
Nehr-i Nasir (create)
Nehr-i Sen (create)
Nehr-i Seyyid Yusuf (create)
Nehr-i Tolayeb (create)
Nehr-i Uç Elbu Seyyid (create)
Nehr-i Uç Elbuhieh (create)
Nehr Hacı Muhammed (create)
Noabad dehistanı (create)
Padegan-ı Hüsrevabad (create)
Pam Pabanzin (create)
Radeh-ye Madan (create)
Radeh-ye Sadat (create)
Radeh-ye Seyhan (create)
Radeh-ye Taha (create)
Rafi, Abadan (create)
Ramile (create)
Rüstemiye (create)
Savamar (create)
Seyd Aviye (create)
Seyyid Hasan-e Hakim (create)
Tangeh-ye Du (create)
Tangeh-ye Se (create)
Tangeh-ye Yek (create)
Tarreh-e Hezr (create)
Tarreh Bahah Pardis (create)
Ufi (create)
Çavibdeh (create)
Şalahi dehistanı (create)
Şalheh-ye Hacı Hüseyin (create)
Şalheh-ye İmam Hasan (create)


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