Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Akrep'teki yıldızlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 3
Omega2 Scorpii (edit)
Zeta Scorpii (edit)
Mu Scorpii (edit)

Total: 224
11 Scorpii (create)
18 Scorpii (create)
1RXS J160929.1-210524 (create)
3 Scorpii (create)
4 Scorpii (create)
AH Scorpii (create)
AI Scorpii (create)
AK Scorpii (create)
BM Scorpii (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
CL Scorpii (create)
Delta Scorpii (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
FQ Scorpii (create)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
GCRT J1745-3009 (create)
GRO J1655-40 (create)
GSC 06214-00210 (create)
GX 349+2 (create)
Gliese 618 (create)
Gliese 667 (create)
Gliese 667 C (create)
Gliese 682 (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HD 142165 (create)
HD 142250 (create)
HD 142666 (create)
HD 142883 (create)
HD 143567 (create)
HD 143619 (create)
HD 143787 (create)
HD 143900 (create)
HD 144585 (create)
HD 144661 (create)
HD 144690 (create)
HD 144844 (create)
HD 144927 (create)
HD 144987 (create)
HD 145100 (create)
HD 145102 (create)
HD 145191 (create)
HD 145250 (create)
HD 145377 (create)
HD 145838 (create)
HD 145964 (create)
HD 145997 (create)
HD 146001 (create)
HD 146254 (create)
HD 146436 (create)
HD 146834 (create)
HD 146836 (create)
HD 146850 (create)
HD 146954 (create)
HD 147010 (create)
HD 147513 (create)
HD 147553 (create)
HD 147628 (create)
HD 147723 (create)
HD 148247 (create)
HD 148760 (create)
HD 149174 (create)
HD 149886 (create)
HD 150331 (create)
HD 150420 (create)
HD 150573 (create)
HD 150591 (create)
HD 150608 (create)
HD 150638 (create)
HD 150702 (create)
HD 150894 (create)
HD 151078 (create)
HD 151771 (create)
HD 151932 (create)
HD 152218 (create)
HD 152219 (create)
HD 152234 (create)
HD 152293 (create)
HD 152408 (create)
HD 152424 (create)
HD 152431 (create)
HD 152636 (create)
HD 153072 (create)
HD 153234 (create)
HD 153368 (create)
HD 153613 (create)
HD 153747 (create)
HD 153919 (create)
HD 153950 (create)
HD 154025 (create)
HD 154153 (create)
HD 154310 (create)
HD 154703 (create)
HD 154948 (create)
HD 155259 (create)
HD 155276 (create)
HD 155450 (create)
HD 155826 (create)
HD 155940 (create)
HD 155974 (create)
HD 155985 (create)
HD 156098 (create)
HD 156293 (create)
HD 157060 (create)
HD 157097 (create)
HD 157243 (create)
HD 157486 (create)
HD 158042 (create)
HD 158105 (create)
HD 158156 (create)
HD 158393 (create)
HD 158619 (create)
HD 158799 (create)
HD 159176 (create)
HD 159312 (create)
HD 159633 (create)
HD 159707 (create)
HD 159868 (create)
HD 160529 (create)
HD 160668 (create)
HD 160748 (create)
HD 160928 (create)
HD 161390 (create)
HD 161840 (create)
HD 162020 (create)
HD 162189 (create)
HD 162391 (create)
HD 162396 (create)
HD 162496 (create)
HD 162517 (create)
HD 162586 (create)
HD 162587 (create)
HD 162817 (create)
HD 162926 (create)
HD 163145 (create)
HD 163234 (create)
HD 163376 (create)
HD 163433 (create)
HD 318107 (create)
HD 326823 (create)
HIP 79431 (create)
HK Scorpii (create)
HR 5999 (create)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IGR J17091-3624 (create)
IRAS 17163-3907 (create)
Iota1 Scorpii (create)
Iota2 Scorpii (create)
KQ Scorpii (create)
MOA-2008-BLG-310L (create)
MXB 1735-44 (create)
Mu1 Scorpii (create)
Mu2 Scorpii (create)
Nu Scorpii (create)
OGLE-2005-BLG-071L (create)
OGLE-2007-BLG-368L (create)
PSR B1620-26 (create)
PSR J1614–2230 (create)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Pi Scorpii (create)
Pismis 24-1 (create)
RR Scorpii (create)
RS Scorpii (create)
RV Scorpii (create)
RY Scorpii (create)
RZ Scorpii (create)
Rho Scorpii (create)
Scorpius X-1 (create)
Sigma Scorpii (create)
T Scorpii (create)
Tau Scorpii (create)
Th 28 (create)
UScoCTIO 108 (create)
U Scorpii (create)
V1003 Scorpii (create)
V1007 Scorpii (create)
V1018 Scorpii (create)
V1034 Scorpii (create)
V1040 Scorpii (create)
V1051 Scorpii (create)
V1058 Scorpii (create)
V1068 Scorpii (create)
V1074 Scorpii (create)
V1075 Scorpii (create)
V1077 Scorpii (create)
V1094 Scorpii (create)
V1186 Scorpii (create)
V1187 Scorpii (create)
V1280 Scorpii (create)
V1309 Scorpii (create)
V393 Scorpii (create)
V453 Scorpii (create)
V455 Scorpii (create)
V482 Scorpii (create)
V500 Scorpii (create)
V636 Scorpii (create)
V701 Scorpii (create)
V703 Scorpii (create)
V718 Scorpii (create)
V745 Scorpii (create)
V760 Scorpii (create)
V861 Scorpii (create)
V866 Scorpii (create)
V893 Scorpii (create)
V900 Scorpii (create)
V906 Scorpii (create)
V907 Scorpii (create)
V911 Scorpii (create)
V913 Scorpii (create)
V915 Scorpii (create)
V918 Scorpii (create)
V921 Scorpii (create)
V923 Scorpii (create)
V929 Scorpii (create)
V949 Scorpii (create)
V951 Scorpii (create)
V957 Scorpii (create)
V973 Scorpii (create)
V975 Scorpii (create)
V992 Scorpii (create)
WASP-17 (create)
WR 86 (create)
Wray 17-96 (create)
XTE J1720-318 (create)
Xi Scorpii (create)


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