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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Aliabad şehristanı (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 81
Abbasabad (edit)
Afratahte (create)
Ahmadabad, Aliabad (create)
Alaman (create)
Alazman (create)
Alistan (create)
Alustan (create)
Amirabad Fenderesk (create)
Amirabad Sorh Mahalle (create)
Arfanabad (create)
Azadtepe (create)
Aşurbay (create)
Badrak Aneh Galdi (create)
Badrak Nuri (create)
Bage Şur Tepe Nafas (create)
Bahalkeh Nafas (create)
Bakerabad (create)
Baluçabad (create)
Barfatan (create)
Boluk Golam (create)
Cahan Bini (create)
Cheli Olya (create)
Cheli Sofla (create)
Dehistanlar (create)
Ganu (create)
Gülistan, Gülistan Eyaleti (create)
Haci Kelate (create)
Hacıabad, Aliabad (create)
Hak Pir Zan (create)
Hakimabad (create)
Hasan Tabib (create)
Hatemabad (create)
Hulindere (create)
Hüseyinabad (create)
Kara Bulag, Gülistan (create)
Karibabad (create)
Ketul dehistanı (create)
Kuze Ali (create)
Kuçak Nazar Hani (create)
Kuçek Astajik (create)
Kuşkorpi (create)
Kürdabad (create)
Mahiyan (create)
Marun Kalate (create)
Masumabad Fenderesk (create)
Mehdiabad (create)
Mezra, Gülistan Eyaleti (create)
Miyan Rostak (create)
Muhammadabad (create)
Nasarkan Olya (create)
Nersu (create)
Nov Deh Ketul (create)
Nusretabad (edit)
Ovdak Duji (create)
Piçak Mahalle (create)
Rahmetabad (create)
Rig Cheshmeh (create)
Sangdevin (create)
Savar Kalateh (create)
Siyah Marz Kuh (create)
Siyah Rudbar (create)
Tavir (create)
Vasi Sar (create)
Zabihabad (create)
Zaboli Mahalle Mahistan (create)
Zerrin Gül (create)
Zerrin Gül dehistanı (create)
Ziyaabad (edit)
Çah-e Ja (create)
Çinu (create)
İmamabad Sistaniha (create)
İran'ın şehristanları ve bahşları (edit)
İslamabad Fenderesk (create)
İslamabad Mazrae Şomare Do (create)
İslamabad Mazrae Şomareh Yek (create)
İsterabad dehistanı (create)
Şirang Olya (create)
Şirang Sofla (create)
Şirang dehistanı (create)
Şirinabad (create)
Şocaabad (create)


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