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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Anlık mesajlaşma (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 11
Windows Live Messenger (edit)
QIP (edit)
Lotus Sametime (edit)
Emesene (edit)
SMS (edit)
YouNow (edit)
Windows Messenger (edit)
Windows Live Web Messenger (edit)
AMSN (edit)
Ring (yazılım) (edit)
Skype Technologies (edit)

Total: 94
Adium (create)
Anlık mesajlaşma istemcilerinin karşılaştırılması (create)
Anlık mesajlaşma protokollerinin karşılaştırılması (create)
Ayttm (create)
BAND (uygulama) (create)
Backchannel (create)
Baidu (edit)
BlackBerry Messenger (edit)
Bombus (yazılım) (create)
Buddy profile (create)
CSipSimple (create)
Centericq (create)
Chat log (create)
Chatterbot (create)
Circuit (yazılım) (create)
Contact list (create)
Discord (create)
EBuddy (create)
EXo Platform (create)
Emoticon (edit)
FaceTime (edit)
Facebook Messenger (edit)
Facebook features (create)
Fetion (create)
File sharing (create)
Fire (anlık mesajlaşma istemcisi) (create)
FirstClass (create)
Flock (mesaj servisi) (create)
Fuze Box (create)
Gajim (create)
Gizmo5 (create)
Glip (create)
Google Hangouts (edit)
Google Wave Federation Protocol (create)
Hall.com (create)
Hike Messenger (create)
HipChat (create)
IBM Sametime (create)
IGap (create)
IM bot (create)
Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol (create)
Instant message service center (create)
Instantbird (create)
Internet Relay Chat (edit)
Jingle (protocol) (create)
Jitsi (create)
KakaoTalk (create)
Kik Messenger (create)
LAN messenger (create)
Libon (servis) (create)
Linphone (create)
Lua (şirket) (create)
MTProto (create)
Matrix (iletişim protokolü) (create)
Message Session Relay Protocol (create)
Microsoft Notification Protocol (create)
Miranda IM (create)
Mobile instant messaging (create)
Nimbuzz (create)
OSCAR protocol (create)
OoVoo (create)
Palringo (create)
Presence information (create)
Psi (anlık mesajlaşma istemcisi) (create)
Quiet Internet Pager (create)
RetroShare (create)
Ricochet (software) (create)
SFLphone (create)
SIMPLE (anlık mesajlaşma protokolü) (create)
SIP (edit)
SMS language (create)
Shoutbox (create)
Signal (yazılım) (create)
Skype protocol (create)
Slack (uygulama) (create)
Spark (XMPP alıcısı) (create)
Status message (instant messaging) (create)
TOC protocol (create)
Tango (uygulama) (edit)
Telegram (yazılım) (edit)
Tencent QQ (create)
Threema (create)
Tkabber (create)
Tox (protocol) (create)
Trillian (yazılım) (create)
Upptalk (create)
Videofon (edit)
WeChat (edit)
Web chat (create)
Windows Messenger service (create)
Yahoo! Messenger Protocol (create)
Yammer (edit)
Zephyr (protocol) (create)
İndoona (create)

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Total: 2
Allo (edit) Google Allo (edit)
Microsoft Lync (edit) Skype for Business (edit)


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