Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Antienflamatuar ve antiromatizmal ürünler (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 93
ATC kodu M01 (create)
Alklofenak (create)
Alminoprofen (create)
Altın preparatları (create)
Ampiroksikam (create)
Ampiron (create)
Antienflamatuvar (edit)
Aseklofenak (create)
Asemetasin (create)
Asetik asit (edit)
Auranofin (create)
Aurotioprol (create)
Aurotiyoglukoz (create)
Azapropazon (create)
Benoksaprofen (create)
Benzidamin (create)
Bromfenak (create)
Bufeksamak (create)
Bumadizon (create)
Büsilamin (create)
COX-2 inhibitörü (create)
Deksibuprofen (create)
Deksketoprofen (create)
Diaserein (create)
Difenpiramid (create)
Diklofenak (edit)
Droksikam (create)
Etodolak (edit)
Etorilkoksib (create)
Fenamik asit (create)
Fenazon (edit)
Fenbufen (create)
Fenilbütazon (create)
Fenoprofen (create)
Fentiazak (create)
Feprazon (create)
Flufenamik asit (create)
Flunoksaprofen (create)
Gliksaminoglycan (create)
Glukozamin (create)
Hastalığı modifiye eden antiromatizmal ilaç (create)
Ibuproksam (create)
Indoprofen (create)
Kebuzon (create)
Ketoprofen (edit)
Ketorolak (create)
Kinolin (create)
Klofezon (create)
Kondroitin sülfat (create)
Lonazolak (create)
Lornoksikam (create)
Lumirakoksib (create)
Magnezyum salisilat (create)
Mefenamik asit (create)
Meklofenamik asit (create)
Meloksikam (edit)
Metamizol (edit)
Mofebütazon (create)
Morniflumat (create)
Nabumeton (create)
Naproksen (edit)
Niflumik asit (create)
Nimesulid (edit)
Oksametasin (create)
Oksaprozin (create)
Oksaseprol (create)
Oksifenbütazon (create)
Oksikam (create)
Parekoksib (create)
Penisilamin (create)
Pirazolidin (create)
Piroksikam (edit)
Pirprofen (create)
Proglumetasin (create)
Prokuazon (create)
Propiyonik asit (create)
Rofekoksib (create)
Selekoksib (create)
Sodyum aurotiyomalat (create)
Sodyum aurotiyosülfat (create)
Sulindak (create)
Suprofen (create)
Sülfinpirazon (create)
Süperoksit dismutaz (create)
Tenidap (create)
Tenoksikam (edit)
Tiaprofenik asit (create)
Tolfenamik asit (create)
Tolmetin (create)
Valdekoksib (create)
Zomepirak (create)
İbuprofen (edit)
İndometazin (edit)


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